10k Gold 3-stone Diamond Heart Pendant with 18″ Chain

Buying the perfect gift for your loved one can be really tricky. There are only a few things that will amaze and bring great joy to some. That is why when choosing a present for someone extra care should be taken in order to obtain the wanted result.  The designers at Netaya have come up with a product that cannot fail to bring smiles on people`s faces. They managed to create a true masterpiece when it comes to jewelery. The 10k Gold 3-stone Diamond Heart Pendant with 18″ Chain is one of the best looking items out there. It is classy and refined and will look amazing on any lucky woman that will receive it.

10k Gold 3-stone Diamond Heart Pendant with 18″ Chain

By offering this pendant to someone you will never go wrong. You just cannot love such a beautiful piece of art. It is flawless in every single way and the design is incredible. The solid white gold heart is created to attract many looks especially because of the three diamonds positioned on the left of the pendant. Even the chain on which the heart is set is perfect. The attention to details is what makes this item stand out. The perfect curves and the impeccable way in which the diamonds are fitted on the perfectly curved white gold make it shine.


  • This beautiful pendant was created and sold by Netaya
  • The metal stamp is 10k
  • The metal used is white gold combined with diamonds
  • The gems used in decorating it are diamonds
  • The chain is a 5R rope
  • The clasp is a spring ring
  • The metal weighs in 1.5 grams
  • It comes with three separate stones
  • The stones weigh 0.1 carats
  • The diamond was not created inside a laboratory
  • The stones have a round shape
  • The minimum colour is I3 and the minimum clarity IJ
  • The minimum total carat weight is 0.1000 carats


  • Height: 15.18 millimeters
  • Width: 18 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces


Great investment

This piece of art comes with an incredibly low price tag. It will never lose its value and it will always look as good as new. Chances are that in time prices will even go higher and you can really make good money of off this product that of course if you don`t fall in love with it which you will probably do.

What users love about the 10k Gold 3-stone Diamond Heart Pendant with 18″ Chain?

Users absolutely love this product. It is elegant and well-made. It looks amazing and it costs a lot less than other similar products that have less style. The size is nice and perfect for every woman. The chain is very resistant and can take on quite a lot of stress. It is considered an excellent gift to give to your girlfriends or wives.  They will be happier than ever to see what a beautiful piece of jewelery they have received. This pendant great because it will keep its looks over time and can be passed on from generation to generation. Read more reviews here.

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