2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Radio Remote Control Car Review

Depending on your children and what they are into you might find it tough to find toys that they are going to enjoy playing with. Something else you ought to realize is that toys which are designed for boys doesn’t mean that girls are not going to want to play with them also. One thing is usually true of boys and girls and that is the reality that they like playing with automobiles, in fact this is normally one of their favorite toys. Needless to say remote control cars are always a lot of fun and on this page i will be checking out the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro Remote Control Car.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Radio Remote Control Car

The most fun I ever had when I was a kid was actually playing with my remote control vehicles with my sisters and brothers. A thing that I really liked about my remote control car is that we had races just about every weekend on a track that my father created in our backyard. We had a huge amount of fun racing these growing up and it is a memory that I still have to this very day.

Although this remote control car isn’t actually created for outdoor use you are going to find that you can utilize it indoors or outdoors on pavement or cement sidewalks. This is in fact a pretty fast vehicle given its size, and you’re going to find that you will have the ability to get going as fast as 8 mph. If you have ever seen any of the Transformer movies you’re going to recognize the style of this Camaro mainly because it looks very much like Bumblebee from that movie.

One slight drawback concerning this product would be the fact that you will need to actually purchase batteries for it and it’ll take 4 AA batteries and one 9-volt battery to be able to use this item. As opposed to buying batteries again and again when your kids wear them out you are going to discover that getting rechargeable batteries is unquestionably going to end up being your best bet. While the car itself isn’t actually huge you will see that it’s a good size as it is built on a 1/18 scale, so it comes in at about 10 inches long.

If you choose to take a look at the reviews on Amazon you will discover that there are only a couple of them, but each of them have given this remote control vehicle a rave review. And for those of you wondering just how much this vehicle costs you’re going to find that you can buy it directly from Amazon for just under $27.00. One more thing you’re going to find if you wind up buying this from Amazon is that you’re actually saving $8.00 off the suggested retail price by buying it through them. You’re in addition going to discover that Amazon will end up shipping this to your house and not charging you for the shipping fees.

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