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InCharacter has been providing high quality costumes for over 10 years. Their highly authentic costumes are not only made from the highest quality materials, but their design closely mimics the motif it is supposed to. One of the latest additions to their already impressive collection is the Adult Maiden Renaissance Costume. This elegant costume will make you appear as a real Renaissance beauty and is guaranteed to impress anyone you meet.

Main features

This graceful and elegant gown is multilayered, each one having elaborate golden bodice. The vivid nuances of red and gold combine into an eye pleasing colorful dress. The costume is made of high quality velvet, which not only gives it a delicate and luxury aspect, but it also makes it extremely smooth and soft to the touch. This outstanding and beautiful dress emanates both warmth and elegance. The costume’s draping sleeves add to its authentic look, while the sheer veiled headpiece adds to the grace and beauty of the costume.

Main advantages

  • This costume is made of the highest quality materials, and is guaranteed to make all the knights at the party come and ask you for a dance. Its price is very low considering the high quality and the amount of details and finesse of the costume.
  • The well constructed faux velvet is delicate and smooth, very soft to the touch. The lightweight fabric makes it very comfortable to wear, and it also isn’t too hot in case it has to be worn for a long period of time.
  • The manufacturer has great customer service, and will respond immediately to any complaints or problems you might have. They will send you another costume in just a few days in case the size is off, or there is any other problem with the dress.

Main disadvantages

The dress can be a bit too long for some persons. Wearing some high heels might fix the problem, although it might affect the costume’s authenticity.

The sizes might be a little off, and persons are recommended to buy a size larger than they usually wear, to ensure that it fits them perfectly.

Customer feedback

Most clients have declared themselves very satisfied and impressed by the dress. Some of them said that they fit perfectly with any medieval or fantasy setting, and that they capture all attention at a party. Many have praised its delicate look and quality fabric, while others were pleased of it being very comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time. Some women had a problem with the sizes, and had to send the costumes back to the company, but fortunately, the company responded quickly, and sent them the right sizes. Another problem some customers found was that the dress was a bit too long, and had to either alter it, or wear high heels. It didn’t seem to affect them very much, though. Read more reviews here.


This costume is a highly authentic theatrical quality outfit, and its great design and level of detail not only offers elegance and beauty, but it is also very comfortable to wear. It can be bought for a very cheap price, making it a real bargain. It is a great choice for people who enjoy spicing up their lives and going to masked parties or in any medieval themed parties.

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