ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoe Review

The ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes provide you with exceptional comfort and support while you are out on the road. The Guidance Line promotes efficient foot placement as you run while the Discrete Heel Unit, DuoMax Support System and gel cushioning technology all come together to give your foot maximum support. The shoes come in a range of sizes (from size 5 to size 13) and a choice of five different colors; Black/Onyx/Lightning, Snow/Lime/Lightning, White/Carbon/Magneta, White/Charcoal/Purple and White/Silver/Turquoise.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoe

Product Features:

  • Asymmetrical lace design for enhanced comfort.
  • Discrete Heel Unit which provides shock absorption.
  • DuoMax Support System in the mid-sole which provides enhanced support and stability.
  • Gel cushioning technology which provides additional comfort and shock absorption.
  • Guidance Line which encourages your feet to follow the most efficient line of progression as you run, from foot down to toe off.
  • Plus 3 which provides 3mm of extra height in the women’s model and helps relieve Achilles tendon pressure.

Good Points:

1) Asymmetrical Lace Design:- One of the great features of the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes is the design of the laces. Unlike regular running shoes, these ones feature an asymmetrical, off center lace design which follows the bones of your feet and reduces pressure and irritation on the top of your foot. If you often find that your feet chafe and feel sore at the top after wearing running shoes, you’ll instantly notice the difference that this asymmetrical lace design makes.

2) Lightweight:- The ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes are extremely lightweight and won’t weigh you down when you run. If you are trying to maximize your running speed then this is a great feature as you’ll be able to fully concentrate on this goal without your shoes getting in the way.

3) Solid Support:- The ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes provide your feet with unbeatable support when you are out running. The Discrete Heel Unit, DuoMax Support System and gel cushioning all help absorb the impact of running on a hard surface while the extra height of Plus 3 allows you to avoid putting pressure on your Achilles tendon. This means by wearing the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes you can ensure that you have a pain free, worry free run, no matter how many miles you cover.

Bad Points:

1) Less Toe Room:- If you are a long time user of the ASICS GEL-Kayano shoes then you may be disappointed with the toe room in this model. While it’s still adequate and is definitely not uncomfortable, there’s a lot less room to wiggle your toes than in previous models.


Overall, the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes are a great purchase for long distance runners who require additional foot support as they clock up the miles. The asymmetrical lace design reduces the pressure on your feet, the lightweight nature of the shoes ensures you can run at maximum speed and the overall support is up to the standard you’ve come to expect from a high quality brand like ASICS.

If you were a big fan of the toe room in previous models then you may want to try the ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 17 Running Shoes in a shop before you buy. However, if you don’t need lots of wiggle room, you’ll be impressed with everything else this shoe has to offer and it will serve you well as you clock up the miles on the road.

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