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California Costume Collections has been producing high quality costumes for over twenty years. Established in 1992 in California, they have been providing people with high quality costumes. As one of the world leading companies in costume design, they offer popular and cutting edge designs, ranking 5th in the costume suppliers on the market. One of their latest additions is the Big Foot Costume, an authentic take on the mythical creature of the woods. It is made of the highest grade polyester, and is guaranteed to make a few enthusiastic Big Foot lovers lose their heads when spotting it.

Main features of the product

The golden brown 100% polyester gives the costume resistance to stretching and ripping, and it provides both great durability and comfort. The latex mask is easy to wear, and looks highly authentic. All details of the costume are carefully made, with all body parts having real like hair. The jumpsuit fastens around the back, and the feet provide an opening for shoes. The costume should be dry cleaned only, in order to maintain its properties and resistance.

Main advantages

This costume is designed to be very realistic, with a menacing latex mask which closely resembles the Big Foot from the countless videos abounding the internet. The authentic hair covers most of the costume, and it can easily blend in with the environment. One size fits most people, thanks to its quality polyester fibers. A full costume includes the heavy duty latex character mask, bodysuit, hand and feet with animal like hair.

The costume is a great take on the Big Foot legend, and can be used in various ways. It is a great costume for parties, and it can also be successfully used for Halloween trick or treating. For a few laughs, it can be used to give a scare to unsuspecting people, or it can start a media frenzy of Big Foot sightings in the near forest in case you’re up for a hoax job.

Main disadvantages

The hair tends to come off easily, and doesn’t exactly resemble the color in the pictures. Also, the costume may be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It can get hot inside the costume, and it is difficult to drink with the latex mask.

Customer feedback

Most reviewers were very satisfied with the costume. Some have complained about the fastening system in the back, but have found ingenious methods of fixing the problem. Apparently, many people managed to successfully use the costume to start a frenzy around Big Foot enthusiasts. Overall, they were satisfied with the costume’s general appearance and practicality. Read more reviews here.

The Verdict

This costume is both resistant and durable, and it is a good quality costume which can be successfully used in various settings, from Halloween scares to practical jokes and costume themed parties. Its great price makes it a good choice for people desiring something else than the overused knights and maidens.

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