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A Closer Look At The Authentic Halloween 2 Michael Myers Mask

This mask is an identical replica of the one used by the famous villain Michael Myers from the Halloween 2 movie. This Official Halloween 2 was sculpted by the Art Director Justin Mabry, who used numerous screenshots from the movie itself, in order to make it look as closest as possible to the one used in the film. This mask is probably the most accurate Michael Myers mask up to date.

Main features of the product

This mask is made of Deluxe High Quality Latex, which has a good thickness, and can withstand frequent use. The level of detail is good, which is owed to the fact that the mask was designed by Trick or Treat Studios’ William Malone, who was actually the person who created the mask used in the first Halloween movie. He based his design on a previous one of William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

Main advantages

  • The mask has a good amount of details, with angles and shadows that make it look exactly like the one used in the film. Thanks to its authentic look, it can give a good scare to anyone, especially if combined with the proper dark clothes and perhaps a plastic butcher’s knife.
  • It can either be worn personally to offer a good scare to neighbors and friends, or it can be used on a horror prop dummy. Due to its quality look and realistic colors, it is guaranteed to get some screams out when lurking around wearing it.
  • This mask comes at a cheap price, especially when considering that it is the most authentic and accurate replica of the Michael Myers mask ever produced.
  • Also, the heavy duty, high quality latex makes it durable enough to keep its shape and texture even after many uses.

Main disadvantages

The camel hair tends to come off quite easily. In order to avoid this, extra care should be taken when putting the mask on and removing it.

The paint scheme gives artificial shading that mimics light casting shadows right above it. This is less of a problem when in obscure environments with little light, which are likely to be used if a proper scare is the intention.

Customer feedback

Most users are enthusiastic about the fidelity and accuracy of the mask. Some have even sworn that they felt like holding the real mask from the movie. They were impressed by the details of the product, although some complained about the hair coming off a bit too easily. Most also noted that it is the best Halloween mask they have ever had, and that they were satisfied with the low price for its quality. Read more reviews here.


Since this is the best mass produced Halloween mask and is almost identical to the one used in the film, it is a good investment for people wanting to give some scares for Halloween, or for fans of the series. Its low price and quality design make it a good choice for anyone who appreciates a good mask.

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