BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner

Keeping a clean home can be a real problem when it comes to taking out stains and spots. It takes a lot of work and you can easily ruin your favorite things by using damaging substances or inappropriate equipment. That is why the people at BISSELL have constructed one of the most useful appliances on the market. The Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner is a must have for those that want to have an impeccable home.

BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner

This device is small and very practical. It is lightweight and easy to carry around wherever there is need for it. It is eco-friendly and it cleans carpets like no other gadget available now in stores. It is simple to use and figure out and it is very well built. Buying it is a great investment that will not only keep your carpets clean but will also help you encourage eco-friendly technology.


  • This device is built as a compact deep cleaner for both  small and large clean-ups
  • It comes with strong spray and suction in order to remove tough stains and spills
  • It cleans and helps dry in 1 step saving up a lot of that much needed time
  • The parts are made from post-consumer recycled plastic
  • PVC-free tanks and hose
  • Tough-stain brush attachment included to keep the whole thing clean and shiny
  • It measures 9-1/10 by 18-4/5 by 13-1/4 inches which means it is compact, easy to store and move around
  • It comes with a  1-year limited warranty
  • This  compact, multipurpose cleaner that has been redesigned with a 95% reduction in PVC making it more eco friendly
  • The entire device is manufactured with tanks made of polypropylene, a material that is more recycling-friendly once again proving this company`s commitment to being eco-friendly
  • The brush block is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and the solution tank also contains parts made from 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic
  • All Styrofoam has been eliminated from the Little Green’s packaging, and the carton and inner packaging are made from a minimum of 75% recycled corrugated materials.
  • The Little Green uses liquid cleaning formulas that do not contain any heavy metals, optical brighteners, phosphates, or dyes
  • A long power cord and compact design that make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy


  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 17.2 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Product number: 1400B



This device incorporates all new technology that is years ahead of its competitors. It is efficient and very well-conceived. It can handle tough stains without a problem and it costs a very little amount of money while offering top end results.

What users love about the BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Compact Deep Cleaner?

Customers recommend this product with great confidence. They love the price and the great features. They also say that it feels like a product built to last. It does not consume much energy and it is very efficient. It is easy to store and handle and using it will not be a problem. Read more reviews here.

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