Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper 18-Volt Cordless Chain Saw Review

If you’re looking for an ideal way to chop branches or prune trees try the Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper 18-Volt Cordless Chain Saw. The Alligator Lopper can be used as an alternative to bulky chainsaws, clippers or handsaws. The cordless Alligator Lopper runs on an 18-volt battery which is able to make up to 150 cuts on a single charge.

Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper 18-Volt Cordless Chain Saw

Features of the Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper:

  • Rechargeable 18-volt battery
  • Uses patented clamping jaws to grab and cut
  • Can be used on branches up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Six inch bar
  • Dual hand switches
  • Comes with a two year warranty

The Alligator Lopper can cut through wood up to 4-inches in diameter. It weighs just 7.9 pounds which makes it easy to use even in awkward positions. It has dual hand switches which makes it almost impossible to start the chain saw accidentally. The 18-volt battery should last long enough to get through most small to medium sized jobs. It can make 150 1½ inch cuts before running out of juice. For larger jobs it may be handy to have a spare battery ready.

Soft grip, ergonomically designed handles make the Lopper easy to use. Black & Decker have designed unique alloy clamping jaws to safely grab and cut through branches.

Pros and Cons of the Black & Decker NLP1800:

The scissor-like grip of the NLP1800 makes it very easy to cut through most branches and prune trees. It comes with a full chain guard which combined with the dual hand switches that both need to be activated in order to operate the Lopper make it a very safe alternative compared to other chain saws. It’s lightweight and great for cleaning up knocked down trees or overgrown shrubs.

For larger jobs you will need to have a break while you recharge the battery or else have a second battery on standby. For optimal cutting the chain will also require frequent oiling.

What Customers say about the NLP1800 Alligator Lopper:

The Black & Decker NLP1800 has very good customer reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

  • “Overall it was a great investment and puts my family’s mind at ease because it is so much safer than a traditional chain saw!”
  • “So pleased to see that B&D came out with a cordless version of the Alligator! Works great, and solves one of the biggest problems of cutting limbs – chopping them into smaller lengths for disposal. The cordless chainsaw does a great job of getting the limb to the ground, but you have to prop up the limb before cutting it into pieces so you don’t hit the ground with the chain. This is where the Alligator shines — the protective cover keeps you from hitting the ground, so you don’t have to spent the time propping up limbs. Just grab and cut.”
  • “The B/D Alligator Lopper is awesome – it is SO much easier to use than a regular chain saw. I’ve been going through a pile of brush/tree limbs that has piled up on our property for years. This tool has made it FUN!”

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The Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is so much safer than a regular chain saw. One great feature is that you can just pick up limbs with the scissor grip and cut. There’s no need to pick up bits of wood and make sure the chain doesn’t hit the grip.

For a lightweight, trouble free solution to clearing up storm damage or pruning your trees try the Black & Decker NLP1800 Alligator Lopper.

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