Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine has become quite the sewing enthusiast’s favorite product. It is a very impressive piece of work, making much more expensive similar items appear useless and overpriced. You will fall in love with it as fast as you take it out of the box because of its nice design and overwhelming features.

Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine

Product features

When it comes to looks the CP-7500 is a customer`s favorite. It has a beautiful design and makes work a pleasing activity. It is lightweight but powerful at the same time. Although small and compact, this sewing machine is full of top of the line technology and ultra-modern features that include several useful characteristics.

  • It measures 20.3 x 12.7 x 18 inches making it very easy to carry around your work station. Being such a small device, it is perfect for home use presenting no storage issues whatsoever.
  • It comes with an incredible 110 stitch option that can stimulate your creativity. An extra pre-defined characteristic is the 70 built in stitching patterns option that can provide more than enough common solutions.
  • The LCD screen is an ordinary feature on more expensive products similar to the CP-7500. Considering the low price range incorporating this machine, this add-on is a real treat, providing excellent information about stitching selection and other parameters.
  • It can cover all types of projects using the oversized table that is wide enough for quilting and more generous challenges.
  • All the basic functions available are effortless to manage having been designated one touch buttons. Start, stop and reverse motions are as easy as can be
  • The 1 step buttonhole is available with seven different styles, making this sewing machine one of the most complete on the market.
  • The CP-7500 is as modern as other much more expensive products. It is fully automatized, using electric needle threading.
  • Bobbin winding is also automatic, using a smart quick set drop in system
  • Sewing speed is controllable, leaving the most important part of the process in your hands.
  • This sewing machine is sold with several accessories that come included in the starting price. When buying the Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine, you will receive a twin needle, three bobbins and three spool caps, a screwdriver, a power cord, a cleaning brush and a ball point needle.

Customer scores and reviews

The Brother CP-7500 Computerized Sewing Machine is one of the highest rated products on the market. Maybe its greatest characteristic is the price that blows competitors away. It is sold for about $160 making it affordable and highly recommended for those who have to manage a strict budget. It is the perfect tool for beginners that have less money to invest than others but have to start somewhere. Analyzed by a 43 customer group, this product managed to score an incredible 4.6 out of 5 maximum rating. It was characterized as easy to use and put together. People also called it great value for money and very well built. They were extremely happy with the various features provided by manufacturers, considering one of the most complete items up to date. Read more reviews here.

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