Bumbleride 2011 Indie 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller Review

If you are in need of the perfect baby stroller the Bumbleride Indie Three Wheel All Terrain ride is probably the way to go. Trying to find the best solution for the daily walks your baby needs can be quite time consuming.

Bumbleride 2011 Indie 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller

There are several options from which to choose and research must be done before investing in such an item. Many manufacturers tend to oversell their products, resulting in uncomfortable and unwanted situations for both you and your child.

Spending time outdoors while walking your baby must be a relaxing and stress free. There is no reason for you to struggle with poorly put together strollers that can even harm your little angel.


There are some general aspects that need to be taken into consideration when thinking of buying a stroller. Such information will save you time and cost a whole lot less than trying out different models.

  • First off find the best structure that will make the ride as comfortable as possible for your child. Look for extra features and add-ons that offer extra support and practicality
  • Make sure the wheels are easy to maneuver this being a very important feature that will keep your baby safe
  • Look out for yourself, especially your back by purchasing a stroller with proper height adjustment settings
  • If you are set on acquiring an all season stroller, be careful to choose the one with the best sun protection. Direct sunlight can be harmful to newly born and shade is always welcome.
  • Read reviews and find which stroller is the most durable and reliable
  • Check for specifications and get a lightweight product that will provide better mobility.

The Bumbleride Indie is a great combination of all characteristics mentioned before. It is one of the most complete strollers on the market. It offers excellent head and shoulder support, relieving your baby of stress caused by an uncomfortable ride.

Being so relaxed he will probably be sleeping most of the time. Safety is probably the most important element while choosing the right stroller. This product is up there in the top 3 when it comes to extra features that ensure an incident free ride.

The Bumbleride Indie 3 manufacturers have come up with a smart design. Using foot and backrests your child will be seated in the right position.

Versatility is obvious when it comes to parents needs too. Adjustable handles, cup holders and jogging straps offer a complete and pleasurable experience every time you will go out for a walk.

Product features:

  • The Bumblerid measures 36 x 24.5 x 34.5 inches and weighs in 20 pounds
  • Is offers protection by being fitted with safety straps and multi-functional bumper and adapter bar
  • It comes with different height adjustment settings for the handles
  • It is fitted with 12 inch inflatable tires that can be locked in an inline position
  • The generous canopy is great when taking a walk in mid-day
  • It is built with an aluminum frame and it is easily foldable

Customer reviews and scores

The Bumbleride 2011 Indie 3 Wheel All Terrain Stroller with 12 inch Wheels, Ocean got only maximum score reviews.  It was characterized by customers as stylish and well built.

It is one of the most recommended products of its market segment offering great value for money. Read more reviews here.

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