Calico Critters Country Tree House

Calico Critters Country Tree House is a must have for children who really love to build and create new things. Calico is a very well-known brand and has been known to create the safest toys for children that are not just fun to play with, but are also safe and extremely creative. The Critters Country tree house is no exception; in fact it is an extreme delight to play with. The tree house comes with bridges, trap doors, four stories of stairs, four rooms that have ample space that can be decorated in a million different ways and offer the child hours of play without getting bored as this toy is not limited, the child can make it the way he/she wants and create a new story when he/she wants. The tree house also comes with a hot tub, a pagoda, a patio, a water slide, a lake, and even two mango monkeys that add to your child’s creativity as he/she spins a new world of stories each time.

Added to that, you can get a welcome mat for the tree house, a shade with a pole, 2 sticker sheets, a doorbell, a weather vane, 2 flower boxes, 8 railings, 2 topiary plants, a canoe, 5 bulrushes, and a bridge that connects the pagoda to the patio. You can purchase the furniture and other additional accessories separately from Calico to expand the friends in your child’s tree house.


  • The rooms are spacious for the child to comfortably change the design
  • The design is solid and durable
  • The grounds are large and provide for a lot of exploration
  • The doors and the windows of the tree house open and close


  • Dimensions: 18x16x24 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Model Number: CC2044
  • Recommended age of use: 3 years and above


Extremely creative: Your child will never be short of stories to tell with the Calico Critters Country Tree House, the choices and the different ways in which the tree house can be decorated will only add to his/her active imagination and keep them occupied for hours at length. You can also add more to this beautiful world by getting more accessories form Calico so the toy will never actually be old and boring.

Amazing Detailing: The detailing of the parts has been very thoughtful. It is easy to miss out the small parts however, this particular toy is made keeping in mind the fun for the child and that is why a lot of reality has been added to the details of the parts.

What users love about the Calico Critters Country Tree House?

The Calico Critters Country Tree House is just what a growing child with active imagination needs, children love the way they can spin their own stories and make their own world while building it with their own hands and moving things the way they want. Read more reviews here.

For the parents, one reason to love this toy is that it truly keeps the child occupies for a long time and the other reason is that it helps the child share his/her views and tell the parents a story he/she created.

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