Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter

Children love it when they have their own mode of travel for short distances and willingly offer to do small chores around the house if they have something on which they can travel with fun, as compared to having to walk. The Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter is a great choice for those children who like to go those short distance sin style and where the parents don’t want to be worried about their safety.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter
by Currie Technologies

The scooter comes with both, a deck to stand and a seat that can be removed for additional comfort on longer rides. The seat can be removed with a seat disconnect kit with a lot of ease. The scooter has an 8 mile range and travels at the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. It also has a suspension fork at the front that ensures a very smooth ride. The motor has 450 w of power from a DC battery, has a rechargeable charge system, a powerful pull brake and alloy brake inhibit lever wheels, and an easy access charge port in the frame console.


  • Offers a maximum speed of 15 mph  with an 8 mile range on a single charge (depending on the size of the rider and the terrain)
  • There are street slick tires, 10 inches each
  • There are front linear pull brakes to offer additional power to stop the scooter
  • The frame is made of steel and is sturdy, has an aggressive design


  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Model number: EZ-450-RD-P
  • Recommended age: 13 years and above
  • Recommended weight: 180 pounds


The scooter comes with a lot of power packed features that make it absolutely a perfect return on investment. The motor is very strong and the charge time is quite less while offering a comfortable ride for about 8 miles per charge. Equipped with additional measures to apply brakes when the need arises, makes it quite preferred for those who want their children to have fun while still being safe.

The scooter is very sturdy and durable which makes it come not under just the toy category; the assembly is quite easy and fun to do with your child. The scooter ideally is shipped charged so the children do not have to wait for it to charge so that they can enjoy their fun rides. Even while charging the battery, there is an indicator at the side that keeps indicating the amount of charge left…quite a great feature to help save electricity.

What users love about Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter?

The Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter is loved by parents and kids alike because of the options it offers. It can be used with or without the seat to provide complete customization to the needs of the travel. The ease of being able to charge it and the amount of time that charge offers is another plus point for this stylish scooter. The maximum speed limit of 15 mph makes it sure that the child will have fun well within the speed limit. Read more reviews here.

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