DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

Dreaming to become a hero with great powers, admired by everyone and whose main job is to save the world is not something specific only to boys, the Comics Secret Wishes Batgirl Costume helping the daring girls to bring to life the superwoman in them.

The set combines superior quality materials and great features in a unique manner, making it easy for you to become the center of attention every time you impersonate your favorite character.

Features of the Comics Secret Wishes Batgirl Costume

  • The dress has a very attractive design, the yellow bat logo making a nice contrast with the black of the outfit.
  • The fabric it incorporates is made of polyester and it is resistant to wear and tear. It can be washed manually.
  • The available sizes range from extra-small to large, with the bust measuring from 32 up to 40 inches and the width in the waist being from 22 inches to maximum 34 inches.
  • A yellow belt made of vinyl, a pair of glovettes, a black mask for the eyes and a pair of high boot tops also come in the package.

Advantages of Using the Comics Secret Wishes Batgirl Costume

  • Nice looking – The yellow bat on the chest of the dress and the vinyl belt of the same color compliment excellently the black of the outfit. No matter your age, it confers you a youthful and playful appearance.
  • Good price – This is another benefit it comes with, making it a purchase to consider for enriching your collection of costumes for thematic parties. Thanks to the accessible price, offering it as a gift can also be an excellent idea.
  • Various sizes – The fact that it is available in so many sizes makes the Comics Secret Wishes Batgirl Costume suitable for women with different physical conformations. Besides, a wide range of dimensions for waist and bust are available inside the same size, so it is almost impossible not to find one that fits you like a glove.
  • Many accessories – Besides the dress, the package includes a complete set of superwoman accessories, from the black glovettes and boot tops that offer you an irresistible, sexy appearance to the black mask designed to cast a shadow of doubt on your identity.

Bad Points

A small problem is represented by the black color of the dress. Although it does not fade, you have to be very careful where you sit when you wear it for the first time, because it can be transferred to the upholstery. However, you can avoid this situation by washing it before the first use.

Buyers’ Feedback

The fact that the costume comes with numerous accessories is one of the reasons why a lot of people are satisfied with their purchase, while, for others, the attractive price was the element that determined them to choose this product.

Those who already wore it declared themselves extremely satisfied with the way the dress looked on them. On the other hand, a significant number of reviewers recount that they bought it as a gift, and those who received it were really thrilled. Read more reviews here.


The Comics Secret Wishes Batgirl Costume can make you the center of attention at any party you attend wearing it, so do not lose the opportunity and buy it without hesitation.

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