DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit Review

Significance of Dewal cordless kit

In present day-to-day lives, it has become truly essential to own the appropriate goods especially in the context of home improvement. DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit proves to be the compilation of pneumatic nailers with efficient mechanism.

DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 1-1/4 Inch – 2-1/2 Inch 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit

The engine it comprises of is designed effectively to offer high power while working. With its consistent nail penetration, the user can experience the smoother nailing on every type of surfaces.

The necessary batteries are provided with this product so that the user does not have to bother about it on the exhaustion of current battery.

Why to select this product only?

This cordless hand tool is very easy to use and lets you finish your work of nailing rapidly without any glitches. Even if the nails have been jammed due to some reason then you need not worry, as this nailer will make your work smoother.

The most important part about the product is that it does not employ the use of screwdrivers or wrenches’ tool. This 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit is very convenient while working with its various features.

For instance, it has got a sequential operating mode, which makes the placement of precision very comfortable. Moreover, it has got bumped operating mode which allows the user to work productively as well rapidly.  The top cover of Dewalt nailer is designed in a way that it can be removed easily for smoother troubleshooting.

Additional features which prove nailer kit to be valuable

In terms of battery life, the product gets a thumb up. In simple words, this nailer kit has been designed with extended battery life so that it runs for a longer period of time. You can observe up to 40 percent increment in run time by using this Dewalt cordless product.

In addition to this, it comes with a warranty of 3 years. During this period, you can contact the manufacturers, in case, this nailer kit shows some defects or is found to be ineffective. The market price of the Dewalt cordless nailer kit is $327.95 and has been very effective.

This home improvement tool consists of locking option so that it can be switched off when it is not being used. The LED lighting system of the nailer is effectual in proper placement if you are using it in shadowy areas.

Customers Reviews & Scores

The customers who utilized this tool for nailing found it very effective. The powerful features of the Dewalt nailer kit attracted the users. However, there are few people who observed that it is heavy as well as big comparatively. In totality, it can be maintained that this cordless nailer tool has more pros than cons, which are very low.

Most of the customers hold a positive feedback due to the quick service offered by this nailer kit. Its cordless design has impressed the users because it leaves no room for dragging. Hence, it is obvious that this product has been successful in offering aid precisely.

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