Diamondback RM Boys Bike 12 inch Wheel

Kids are very precious to their parents and when they start growing up, the parents try to teach them different things like how to stand, walk, read, write and even how to ride a bike.  If you are very interested about teaching your child how to ride a bike, you should buy the new Diamondback RM Boys Bike for him. Diamondback Bicycles is a very reputed company which sells its products in countries around the world. The company has been in business for a while and has a reputation of making excellent quality bikes to people of all ages. The bikes manufactured by this company are known for their comfort, affordability, durability and style. This particular bike from Diamondback is also a high quality product meant to be used by the young ones and is available in green. It is a quality bike which will offer a trouble free ride to your boys. The 12 inch wheels make it very comfortable for the beginners.

Diamondback RM Boys Bike 12 inch Wheel

The Diamondback RM Boys Bike can provide the first taste of biking to your kids. It has a Hi-Ten frame made of steel which provides it with a sturdy look. The bike is highly durable as well and comes with aluminum rims which are rustproof. It will be wonderful experience for your child riding this bike as it also has good quality bearings and body parts that make it easy to ride and safe.


  • It is a high quality 12 inch bike for boys for side walk speedsters
  • It has a Hi-Ten frame, as well as fork made of steel
  • Comes with aluminum rims which are rustproof
  • 2 piece handlebar and padded seat (jr.)
  • Tires are comp III style and have training wheels as well


  • Size – 12 inch
  • Shipping Weight – 25 pounds
  • Model number – 02-11-1500-rm-64
  • Gear – 18t cog
  • Brakes – Coaster


Great Introductory bike – it is a great introductory bike for children as it is very safe and is easy to handle. Its comp III style tires, which come with training wheels, make it very easy fr the children to handle it. The padded seats make it a very comfortable ride for the kids as well.

Highly durable – the frame as well as the fork of this bike is made of durable steel and it also comes with rustproof aluminum rims making it last very long. It is highly durable and can work on very little maintenance.

What users love about the Diamondback RM Boys Bike?

The popularity of the Diamondback RM Boys Bike can be ascertained from the fact the people who have bought it have given it very good reviews. They have mentioned that this bike was able to help their children in learning how to ride without any difficulty. Its safety features like the brakes and the tires have also appealed to the parents who bought it. Read more reviews here.

The children on the other hand, have been delighted o ride it as it is very comfortable for them. It is of the ideal height for the beginners and also comes with padded seats for extra comfort.

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