Disguise Men’s Male Oldie Adult Vinyl Costume Mask

Choosing the perfect outfit to impress your friends at a costume party can be a pretty difficult task, but you can rely on the Oldie Adult Halloween Costume Accessory when it comes to making your efforts successful. Materials of superior quality are mold and shaped into a product that gives you the opportunity to create a good impression, becoming the center of everyone’s attention on any occasion.

Main Characteristics

  • The mask is made of flexible vinyl that allows you to move it and to give various expressions to it.
  • It is designed to cover the whole head and it can be worn by almost anyone, because it comes in a universal size.
  • The colors used are very close to the natural tone of the skin, making it look very realistic.
  • The hair decorating the Oldie Adult Halloween Costume Accessory contributes to an even more natural appearance.

Best Points

  • Multiple uses – It is a great accessory for any thematic party costume, guaranteeing the instant success of the disguise. However, you can use it as part of a Halloween decoration, creating a dummy that scares the treat-or-trickers. The dummy having the mask as “face” can also play the role of the grumpy butler welcoming the guests and offering them drinks. Of course, the list of purposes it can serve is endless and you can always add new ones.
  • Stimulating creativity – This is one of the biggest points it scores, because it allows you to look happy, serious, sad, surprised, challenging you to imitate the entire palette of human emotions. You can also use your fantasy to modify its look by adding a moustache or a beard. Wearing a pair of glasses is another great idea you can use to diversify the types of characters you create with its help.
  • Realistic – The Oldie Adult Halloween Costume Accessory is colored in tones similar to human skin, all the wrinkles and the other details being of an amazing accuracy. This is a huge benefit, because it allows you to fool even your closest friends and family members. The hair is a great addition, as it makes the mask resemble even more the “real” face of an old man.
  • For everybody – There is no limit regarding the age of those who can wear this item, and this is another great thing about it. While it is the perfect costume party accessory for an adult, your kids can also use it for the plays and other entertaining activities they take part in at school or kindergarten.

Downsides of the Oldie Adult Halloween Costume Accessory

The only negative point that can be associated with it is that the material tends to warm up if the mask is worn for a long period of time, making your face to sweat. Taking it off from time to time and leaving it a little looser are the two solutions you can apply to fix the problem.

Customers Review

Its realistic appearance and the way it completes a disguise are among the reasons why people decided to buy it. Satisfied clients also said that they were amazed by the finesse of the details and impressed with the great number of ways in which it can be used. Read more reviews here.


Do not waste any precious time, buy the Oldie Adult Halloween Costume Accessory, because it offers you the possibility to impress everyone around you, impersonating your favorite characters or creating a role just for you.

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