Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Action Camera with HD Recording Review

Probably, the Drift Innovation HD170 stealth Action Camera with HD Recording 4x Digital Zoom and 1.5 Inch LCD Screen (Black) is the world’s first camera which comes with a built in LCD screen, a remote control and the capability to film 1080p HD pictures.

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Action Camera with HD Recording

It has been cited as one of the products, which emulate what people want from an action camera. It has been named one of the most feature rich cameras in its category with some aspects, which would be hard to find on helmet cameras.

Other features include the 4x zoom and night mode, which allows you to shoot professional and quality pictures regardless of the conditions.

Quality features

With the new drift HD170 stealth camera you will enjoy some new and elegant features, which have not been available on other cameras. One of them is the sleek black design from where the camera gets the name stealth.

It is made of rubberized plastic, a feature that makes it stand out from the others. It is water resistant and not easily noticed and this is an aspect that favors stealth users. The unit is built for extreme sports and has some capabilities, which ease your shooting applications.

For instance, the menu allows you to change your preferences on spot depending on your needs at that very moment. You can also set it up so that the LCD turns off after every moment when the camera is not in use.

Although the camera emphasizes the use of extreme sports, it is applicable almost anywhere considering the options it has on its menu.

You can use the camera in light rain and in a hurricane or other conditions that do not allow you to use a fragile camera.

However, it is not completely waterproof although Drift Innovation is said to be coming up with a fully waterproof sheath for the device.


The device comes with a remote control watch, which you can wear on your wrist using a Velcro band. It has two buttons, which are used for start and stop functions. You can either opt for 720 or 1080p while shooting depending on your preference.

720p allows you to shoot in a range of 25 to 60fps while the full HD 1080 option allows you to shoot from 25 to 30fps. Another important feature, which should not be left out, is the ability to connect an external microphone. However, the cable or the microphone itself is unique and you will have to get it from Drift.


  • Maximum video resolution of 1080p
  • SD capacity storage of up to 32 GB
  • Remote control capability (5m range)
  • User friendly manuals
  • Lens Angle: 170° Fully Rotatable Lens
  • Water resistant

Customer reviews & scores

The product has received awesome reviews from the 23 people who have reviewed it online. with a rating of 4.4 out of five, the device is worth the entire praise that it has received. Read more reviews here.

People especially liked its extreme sports supports and the full HD capability, which allows you to take quality pictures. Other features like water resistance are also popular.

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