Dummy Full Size with Hands – A Good Way to Have a Scary Fun

No Halloween party is completed without scaring the pants on your guest or treat-and-trickers, and the Dummy Full Size with Hands can do this job very well, if you install it on the porch or at the entrance of your home to “welcome” the visitors.

Its appearance resembles perfectly that of a human being, allowing you to unleash your fantasy in dressing it and transforming it into your favorite scary character.

Characteristics of the Dummy Full Size with Hands

  • Its hands are made from polyurethane and they look just like real ones. The head is made of stuffed cloth and it can be attached on the body.
  • An opening in the back of the dummy allows you to fill it with more stuffing. It is closed with velcro.
  • It weighs almost 6 pounds and it has a height of 6 feet.
  • The body is very flexible, so you can put it in any position you want. It is made of stuffed cloth.

Main Advantages

  • Multiple purposes – This is the biggest point this product scores, because it is not only the perfect Halloween requisite, but you can give it many other uses. A fun prop of a photo studio or a “silent actor” in a play staging or in a video you shoot are just a few ways in which Dummy Full Size with Hands can help you. Besides, if you are a shop owner, placing it at the door can be a good method of advertising some of the products you sell.
  • Creative fun – The fact that it does not come with a costume of its own is another huge benefit, because you can use your imagination in creating your favorite scary character for maximum fun. Using a costume specially bought for the occasion or creating one from the clothes you and your family members do not wear anymore, you can make the dummy to look like an old hag, a spooky ghost from the Underworld or you can pretend that it is the evil scarecrow from John Carpenter’s “He Who Walks Across the Fields” horror movie series.
  • Flexible – Thanks to this characteristic, it is very easy to dress and the operation is finished in a very short time. Besides, you can put it in any position you want, because the opening in the back allows you to customize it by placing wires, pieces of wood or other items as support.
  • Accessible price – This is another advantage you cannot neglect, as it offers you the complete picture of the Dummy Full Size with Hands.


One inconvenient associated with this product is that it has a somewhat flat shape. However, you can fix this by purchasing some more stuffing and adding to it. You do not pay much for it, but if you want to save money, you can stuff it with rags made of the clothes you do not need.

Customers Feedback

Most of the people who bought it were absolutely thrilled with the way in which it contributed to the success of their Halloween parties, while others were satisfied with the fact that it can be used for many other purposes. The realistic appearance of the dummy and the easiness in dressing it were other aspects underlined by the happy customers. Read more reviews here.


Dummy Full Size with Hands can be described as a real boredom kicker, a great addition to every special event you organize, so go ahead and buy it!

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