Earthwise PS40008 8-Inch 6 amp Electric Telescopic Pole Saw with 3-Position Head and 10-Foot Reach Review

Do you need a saw for a trimming job that’s well above the ground? If those trees in the backyard are getting a bit out of hand or you need to remove some branches that were damaged during a storm the Earthwise PS40008 may be just what you need. It’s an 8-inch electric telescopic pole saw that has an amazing 10-foot reach.

Earthwise PS40008 8-Inch 6 amp Electric Telescopic Pole Saw with 3-Position Head and 10-Foot Reach

Unlike regular chain saws this telescoping pole saw has an adjustable head. The head of the saw can be fixed into three different positions allowing for a variety of cutting angles. This can be a really handy feature when you are struggling to find the right position to cut branches that are high-up off the ground.

Features of the Earthwise PS40008 8-Inch Pole Saw:

  • Telescoping pole
  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • Adjustable head can be fixed in three different positions
  • 10-foot reach
  • Automatic oiler
  • Automatic bar and chain tensioner

If you have a trimming job that you just can’t reach this pole saw will make it easy to cut down branches without needing a ladder. The telescoping pole makes it easy to find the right length for the cuts you need to make.

The pole is made from lightweight fiberglass and the handle allows for 360 degree rotation. It’s powered with a 6 amp motor and requires connection to a standard 120-volt power outlet.

The Earthwise pole saw features automatic oiling that oils the bar and chain while you are cutting. It also has automatic bar and chain tension adjustment.

The Earthwise 8-inch Electric Pole Saw is a great little workhorse. It’s lightweight, handles well and has enough power for most trimming jobs. It’s priced between $80 to $100 and receives 4.3 stars on Read more reviews here.

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