Elenco 500-in-One Electronic Project Lab

The 500-in-One Electronic Project Lab by Elenco is an amazing, versatile breadboard-style kit that allows for building as many as 500 different projects, while teaching the kids not only about electronics, but also about magnetism, electricity and physics.

Elenco 500-in-One Electronic Project Lab

Main Features and Specs

Recommended for kids between the age of 10 and 15, the kit can teach your kids about both the hardware and the software part of electronic devices, while also training them to assemble digital and analog circuits and teaching how to program micro-controllers for a specific purpose.

The kit comes in a 16 x 13 inch large case that contains a keyboard with 31 keys for programming and a large set of wires, diodes, LEDs, speakers, transistors, photo-transistors, capacitors, micro-controllers, integrated circuits, processors, switches, connectors and many more. The kit practically contains all the components used in real-life electronic equipment today, making the toy challenging not only for the age group it is recommended for, but for college students and adults as well. The toy allows the players to build an electronic organ, a motion detector and a sound alarm, to mention just a few of the projects that can be built with the components of the kit.


And now let’s see the most important advantages of this attractive, intricate play kit in more detail:

  • The components are made of durable, resistant material and they are well built.
  • The assembly of the different projects does not require any soldering or tools other than the components of the kit.
  •  The instructions for the projects come in three large manuals – an entry level and an advanced level course on hardware, which explain the components of the kit. The manuals contain instructions for the assembly of 400 projects and a software programming manual which introduces the player to the world of programming electronic devices with 100 advanced-level projects, both books being extremely detailed.
  • The kit features a spring terminal and a breadboard, so it is possible to attach external devices or components as well.


Though this excellent and educational toy is recommended for children aged 10 and older, the kit is way too complex for teaching such young kids the basics of electronics; it is more suitable for older kids, who would have the patience to finish such a project, or who have already tried assembling electronic devices – absolute beginners might need help from more experienced users when trying to assemble the projects.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers speak in superlatives about this amazing toy. They appreciate the sturdiness of the components and the ergonomic layout of the board, but some users also mention that the complexity of the kit may require additional explanations or textbooks, if the player has no experience in assembling electronic circuits. Read more reviews here.

Bottom Line

This great toy can be used to build really spectacular projects, and it has the potential of engaging kids for long months, entertaining and amusing them while also teaching them additional skills, like reading electric wiring diagrams, enhancing their creativity and educating them on how to put theoretical knowledge into practice as well – and all these in a fun, challenging, rewarding way.

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