Eureka! Sunrise 8 Tent Review

The Eureka sunrise 8-dome tent is an easy to set up structure with four hooded windows that does not come with mesh panels in the ceiling. The windows avail great ventilation making it comfortable in the interior.

Eureka! Sunrise 8 Tent

It also has triple-coated fabrics with a heavy duty bathtub floor from 4 ounce 210 D polyester, which is resistant to water. The rain fly comes from storm shield polyester, which rarely stretches when exposed to wet conditions and it also is resistant to UV breakdown.

For quick assembly, the structure features shock corded fiberglass frame with pin, ring and a combination strip.


Assembling the Eureka sunrise dome tent is an easy task since the structure incorporates features to optimize on this. You will like the convenience brought in by the shock corded fiberglass frame. It also has a pin ring and a combination clip all intended to make the assembly painless and convenient.

The sleeve system further makes assembly easier and is great if you want a water repellant tent. Weighing at only 13.5 pounds, assembly can be handled by two people contrary to some other structures, which need more helping hands to complete the task. If you experience any problems during the task, you can refer to the user assembly manual or you could look for relevant information from the Internet.

Additional features

The Eureka sunrise dome style tent features a twin track D door with a window for easy entry and exit options. For ventilation and air circulation, the structure has high/low, bottom and top vents. It also features external guy points, which are helpful in securing the structure from strong winds in some harsh conditions.

Other features include a hanging gear loft or organizer, which can be purchased separately, wall organizer and corner organizer featuring a mirror and two bottle holders. On purchase you will also get the tent, a pole and stake bags that are included for easy transportation options.

Eureka tents have earned a great reputation ever since their debut sales in 1895. By then the company had manufactured canvas products with notable features representing the horse blankets and the Castenoga wagon covers. Its tents were used in memorable expeditions like the American Women’s Himalayan Expeditions in 1978. You can trust the manufacturer for quality products, which can effectively be used, for your camping needs.

Specifications of the Eureka sunrise 8 style dome

  • Has an area of 64 sq ft
  • Center height is 4 by 11 inches
  • Wall fabrics are 1.9 breathable polyester or 1200 coating of 1.9-ounce polyester taffeta.
  • Pack size is 25 by 8 inches
  • Weight is 11 pounds 2 ounces
  • Floor fabrics are 4-ounce 210D oxford polyester.

Customer reviews

Eureka products are reputable for their quality and mostly enjoy positive reviews. The Eureka sunrise 8 style dome for instance has large following, which can be observed by simply reading the generous number of on online positive reviews. Read more reviews here.

You will however need to consider your application for a tent and decide if the Eureka sunrise 8-style dome is applicable. Choices depend on the number of people the tent will be hosting.

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