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InCharacter Costumes has been making high quality character costumes since 2003. Originally founded by Chuck Martinez and Bob Pickens, the company has managed to grow and is now one of the leading companies on the market. One of their latest successes is the Fortune Teller dress, an outfit which is designed with the finest quality materials that will make you look like an authentic gypsy fortune teller.

Main features

The dress is composed of several parts, with each one having its own unique design, combining into a perfect match that will make you feel like an experienced fortune telling mistress. The tan upper dress can be worn off the shoulders, and is made entirely of soft, breathable cotton, which gives it strength and durability, while also being comfortable and soft to the touch.

The elegant lower portion of the dress and the underskirt are made of strong polyester fibers which give it resistance to stretching and shrinking.  The red ruffled underskirt has an attached tulle petticoat. The dress also includes a sequined waist sash and a nicely decorated bandana. The embossed vinyl belt adds both elegance and security, while the bonus fortune teller cards add the final touches. To maintain its soft aspect and vivid colors, it should be dry cleaned only.

Main advantages

  • The dress is made of the finest cotton, providing it with both strength and a delicate texture which feels soft to the touch. Also, having polyester fibers incorporated, it is durable and resistant to stretching and tearing, and it dries very quickly.
  • All the items of the dress are of the highest quality materials, with vivid colors that combine to give an exotic and elegant look. The level of details and decorations are a true pleasure to watch, and the whole costume will make you feel like an authentic fortune teller.
  • Another advantage is that the manufacturer can replace a wrong sized costume in just a matter of days, and their customer service is excellent.

Main disadvantages

  • The costume might be a bit hard to wear during summer days with extreme heat, due to the many layers of the costume – however, you are unlikely to wear it on the street, and costume parties usually take place at night.
  • Also, the netting underskirt can be itchy if worn for extended periods of time.

Customer feedback

Most clients were impressed by the costume’s beautiful look and finely crafted pieces. The dress was highly appreciated, the only complaints being about the fact that the underskirt can be itchy at times. Most praised the high quality customer service of InCharacter Costumes, saying that they changed their dress for the right size in just a matter of days. Read more reviews here.


The Fortune Teller dress is a highly crafted costume which will make you look like a real gypsy fortune teller. Its cheap price makes it a nice choice when considering the quality of both the materials and the finished product. The dress will provide an elegant and exotic look, and will be greatly appreciated at parties.

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