Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume – Let the Adventure Party Begin

Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume is the “ingredient” you need to “spice up” a thematic party and have fun. With this great costume, you can fulfill your dream of impersonating Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow and many other famous characters from your favorite pirate books, movies or TV series.

The combination of numerous practical features and superior quality materials makes it a worthy purchase, and you can be sure that you will not forget the pleasant moments you lived wearing it too soon.

Features of Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume

  • It features a very attractive and realistic design, the colors of the different pieces that compose the set making a perfect match.
  • The wearing items are made of high quality fabric that does not wear or tear easily, having durable finishes.
  • A waistcoat, a tricorn-style hat, a jacket, knickers, a jabot made of lace and a pair of knee-high boot tops are included in the set.
  • The polyester fabric of the jacket, knickers and waistcoat is easy to wash manually.

Strong Points of the Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume

  • Realistic look – One of the greatest advantages presented by this product is that, unlike other costume party outfits, nothing looks phony about it. The details on the waistcoat and jacket, the cut of the items, the colors used, they are all similar to those of historic, real life uniforms the captain of a ship wore. This is a big plus, offering a unique air of authenticity to the character you incorporate.
  • Creative – Although a pirate or navy officer costume is considered somehow boring, this one really helps you to stand out of the crowd. Adding a false beard or a moustache and a wig, you can be any of the historical figures you admire, from Admiral Nelson to captain Jack Morgan, the fiercest among the pirates who sailed into the waters of Caribbean Sea. Besides, the Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume can also be a great element of requisite for staging a play together with your friends who share your enthusiasm for theatre.
  • Low maintenance – This is another benefit this costume presents, allowing you to enjoy using it for many years. All you have to do in order to clean it properly is to manually wash it with warm water and detergent. The zippered garment bag it comes with represents a highly convenient storing option, preventing the apparition of wrinkles.

Weak Points

The price of this product is a little bit higher compared to other items in the same category, but, given the many advantages it comes with, this inconvenient is of a minor importance. Besides, all the items in the set are made of fine materials, the difference in price coming more as a consequence of this fact.

Customers Review

The great number of items included in the set, the richness of ornaments and the attention to details are some of the reasons why many people are satisfied with this purchase. On the other hand, others consider the superior quality of the materials and the durability of the finishes as being the strongest points this product scores. Read more reviews here.


With Forum Designer Deluxe Captain Costume, laughter, fun and the party feeling are a permanent part of your life, so buy it without wasting more precious time.

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