G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch Review

Being born as a natural innovator, Casio embraced the newest and most ground-breaking designs and features since 1974. Starting with the basic idea that watches are supposed to offer all the information available regarding time, they built devices that could display and precisely indicate minutes, seconds, months and days on the same screen.

The company became a part of history when managing to launch the first automatic calendar fitted watches called CASIOTRON. Modern day devices like the G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch embrace the same philosophy, providing unique features put together for the ultimate efficiency rate.

G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch


G-Shock watches have a history of over 25 years. In 1983 Casio started thinking outside the box and came up with the concept of shock resistant time telling devices. Not fearing competition and scepticism, developers started a quest that will eventually lead them to conceiving the most resistant timepiece on the market.

Patenting the triple protection structure for their components, manufacturers started getting worldwide recognition, becoming one of the most popular watchmakers in the 1990′s. finding their path and creating a properly defined image for themselves, Casio started investing in new technology.

Always working with open-minded engineers and designers, they found ways of fitting watches with never before seen sensors and solar powered features. Since then, G-Shock Series have become stronger and more durable, always being one step forward.

The Military series continue a long and successful line of ultimate time telling devices.  Decades passed and Casio still apply the same work and design pattern entitled “Triple 10”. In the beginning this started with developer’s desire of building a watch that can deal with 10 bar water pressure, 10 meter falls and have a 10-year battery life.

Coming up with a timepiece as original and as groundbreaking as planned took about 2 years and 200 prototypes, but the results were worth it.

Durable and versatile

The G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch uses hollow structures that include the module in order to protect it from being damaged. Embedded within a full urethane outer rim, all its outer parts are shock resistant. Designed as part of a special series, this watch uses only black, grey and small touches of white in order not to attract too much attention.

Although perfect to ware as a casual accessory, this device is designed to serve for those that live an intense life that pushes them and their apparel to the limit. As the name states, this is a military inspired gadget that is suitable for people serving their countries both when on or off the job. It goes great both ways.

Product features

  • As all G-Shock Series watches it is shock resistant
  • It can go as far as 200m underwater without breaking under pressure
  • It uses an anti-magnetic structure
  • it has a 2 year battery life
  • the backlight is Auto LED with afterglow
  • It is available for the price of $130.00

Customer Reviews & Scores

Customers consider the G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch as one of the coolest looking G-Shock watches giving it a 4.1 out of 5 star rating. Being reviewed by 59 people it received great feed-back when it comes to design and durability. Read more reviews here.

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