GoPro HD Helmet Hero Review

Well here you have it.  Pretty darned professional helmet cams become accessible to the general public.  The Go Pro HD Helmet Hero may be right up your alley if you want to shoot the kind of action videos that rival professional quality.

GoPro HD Helmet Hero

What You Get

You’ll get a lot with this camera, it is a full kit with pretty much all you’re going to need to get started.

First, of course, you get the camera itself.  This HD Hero Camera is compatible with a host of mounting accessories should you decide you want to strap it to your handle bars, seat posts, your chest, wrists or even your surfboard.

This baby can shoot 8+ hours of HD video with one 32 GB SD Card but can also shoot stills and a lot more. You will also get a shockproof waterproof camera housing.  That’s right, we said waterproof, not water resistant. It is good to 180 feet so if your interests include underwater action you’re set.  It is described as a semi-indestructible polycarbonate housing but from what we see it would take a lot to damage it. It is ready to protect your camera and your footage from what inevitably happens when you shoot real action.

The kit includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it’s ready to go right out of the box with at least an 80% charge.  No waiting around, go shoot the action as soon as it arrives. You will also get USB, HDTV and composite video and audio out cables so you can download those action shots easily to your computer for video editing or to your HDTV to watch the action in all its HD glory.

Mounting equipment includes a head-strap for those times when a helmet is not necessary and you just want that kind of a perspective while shooting.  You just put it on your head like a hat and the camera mounts in front.

Look in the direction you want to shoot and you’re in business.  We thought that was pretty slick.

Also included are 6 different helmet mount attachments for different configurations as you trek out into the world of high-adventure video.


Where to begin?  This camera offers three different HD resolutions and can snap 5 mega pixel images at automatic intervals for that time-lapse effect. Expect excellent audio and really great quality video.  The shockproof housing will provide plenty of protection for the camera during those rough and tumble shoots.

You can find cameras that are less expensive and more expensive but this one is just tough to beat for the money.

Customer Reviews And Scores

We always like to see what people say about products and what people are saying about this helmet cam is mostly all terrific.  It received the Editor’s choice award in the video camera category of Back Packer Magazine, April 2009 and has been in use long enough that if something was wrong with it, we’d all know by now.

Of the 307 evaluations we read, 245 were fours or fives and the overall ranking was just above four. Read more reviews here.

We think you’ll like this camera.

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