Green Web Raspberry Ketones Review

Dr. Oz featured Raspberry Ketones as a “fat burning miracle” on his show watched by millions of people. So do these weight loss supplements with the funny name really work?

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketone is an ingredient found in many weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. According to Lisa Lynn, the expert featured on the Dr. Oz segment, taking a single serving of a raspberry ketones supplement is like eating 90 pounds of red raspberries! Why is that important?

Green Web Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones help increase fat breakdown and increase fat burning by a number of different mechanisms. It can lead to increased lipolysis, which helps breakdown fat, increase resting energy expenditure, which increases the rate in which calories are burned, and increase fat loss during dieting. The other main benefit is the fact that Raspberry Ketones are natural and not synthesized. To actually get the common dose of Raspberry Ketone, you would have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries. That’s exactly what Dr. Oz’s expert was talking about!

How Do Raspberry Ketones Work?

Raspberry Ketones work primarily by increasing your adiponectin protein hormone in your body. This amazing hormone has been shown by studies to be higher in those that are thin. Conversely, when you put on weight, your adiponectins actually decrease.

This makes losing weight more difficult. Something is missing. That something is adiponectin. Raspberry Ketones actually increase that adiponectin hormone and make it easier to lose weight.

Fat Cells Turn Into Glucose?

How can fat cells turning into glucose be a good thing? This is because the adiponectin protein affects the state of fat cells so that they are ready to be turned into energy, that is, glucose in the blood in fact. Energy expended leads to weight loss.

This means that when you do exercise you can use up fat much more quickly and without struggling to find the energy to do it. Normally the fitter and skinnier you are, the easier it is to get energy from fat deposits, as long as you actually have some amount of fat. With Raspberry Ketone this isn’t a problem if you have a lot of fat stores. You will be able to call on them for energy just like an athlete would.

Food into Glucose?

Raspberry Kertone’s other benefit is created by adiponectin. This  is when your glucose levels are better regulatedWhen you eat your food it will be turned into glucose in the blood more slowly, unless you needs it quickly. This means you won’t end up with too much glucose in your blood that is otherwise turned into fat. This can wreck havoc in and on your body and lead to type 2 diabetes. You will also feel full longer as your food is being processed more slowly.

Raspberry Ketones Facts

  • Raspberry Ketones makes it easier to burn your fat cells with their unique style of fat burning technique.
  • Raspberry Ketones work best when you do plenty of exercise. It is best for long periods of time and you exert yourself as much as possible.
  • Raspberry Ketones enable you to retain energy during exercise versus other methods of exercise for weight loss that cause you to run out of energy quickly.
  • Keep in mind your adiponectin hormone will be lower if you are overweight so it will be harder to lose weight.
  • Adiponectin makes fat cells ready to be turned to glucose, just like they would be in a thinner person who is accustomed to more exercise.
  • Adiponectin causes you to get hungry more slowly because it regulates the release of glucose more slowly.
  • An increase in the adiponectin hormone may leave you more energetic since you have ready energy that you can readily burn off.
  • Raspberry Ketone  also includes ingredients with anti-oxidant effects. The anti-oxidants can boost your immune system and improve your overall well-being.

Will Raspberry Ketone  Work for You?

Raspberry Ketone  will help you primarily by making it easier to burn calories through exercising. Without exercise,  Raspberry Ketone  are pretty much worthless. The key is the supplement combined with the exercise.

This isn’t to say you need to fill your days with nothing but hours and hours of exercise. You may be able to just a little extra exercise to see results. You may even be able to exercise for the same amount of time or the same number of times each week but lose weight by pushing yourself a little harder and going a little faster. Without exercise, however, you will see little benefit.

Side Effects of  Raspberry Ketone

Unless you have any sensitivity to caffeine, there really aren’t any side effects to Raspberry Ketone . This is a natural supplement made from raspberries so it doesn’t have any more side effects other than eating raspberries itself.


  • Will-power is a must, this isn’t an appetite suppressant.
  • You will need to exercise, Raspberry Ketones  makes exercise easier and more effective but it’s still necessary.
  • You will need to keep your caloric intake the same while also increasing how many calories you burn.

Should You Buy Green Web Raspberry Ketones?

This product received 4 out of 5 stars based on 88 reviews. It’s an all-natural supplement and is basically the equivalent of eating a large quantity of raspberries. If you have self-discipline and are willing to exercise, this is a great supplement with few side effects. Read more reviews here.

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