Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer

Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer will ensure that light rays that are reflected by any surface become polarized and these polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. They allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. They also saturate colors and increase contrast. Polarizers come in two variations but have the same effect. All Hoya EVO filters have very low-profile aluminum filter frames to house the glass and keep it perfectly parallel to the plane of the CCD or COS sensor while providing enough rigidity to hold up to years of use. The low-profile frame also makes the filters compatible with a wide array of super and ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer

Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer-Product Features

  • Hardened optical glass. HOYA’s EXCLUSIVE hardened optical glass technology makes this 1mm thick have 4 times the strength of normal optical glass
  • Multi-coating layer. EXCLUSIVE 8-layer multi-coating for best in class light transmission
  • Water and Oil repellent, scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean
  • Improved super multi-coating. The Improved Super Multi-coating (IS-HMC) formula greatly reduces or eliminates reflections off the surface of the glass


  • Easy to clean
  • Oil and water repellent
  • Works great
  • Stain and scratch resistant


  • The attachment ring to screw onto the lens is very thin and tend easily get stuck and difficult to get off the lens again when changing filters.

Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer Customer Reviews

One of the recent customers of Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer said, “The filter has no drawbacks, its thread smoothly fits into the lens thread which allows the filter to get attached and removed quickly. The filter itself has a screw-in thread which allows another filter to be added on top or just a lens cap.” Read more reviews here.

Hoya 82mm HD Circular Polarizer is a great filter that is easy to clean, water and oil resistant, and stain and scratch resistant.

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