InCharacter Baby Blossom Infant/Toddler Costume

Everyone loves a beautiful flower, so take advantage of the InCharacter Baby Blossom Costume and turn your kid into the most beautiful and rare flower ever seen. Nothing else matters when your baby feels comfortable and is admired by everyone at all the parties you visit.

So try this flower costume if you want to hit the jackpot at the next Halloween or thematic party. The fashionable materials and design will have everyone taking pictures with and of your kid. Just like a little superstar!

Main Features of the InCharacter Infant Flower Costume

  • The bodysuit is made out of polyester and nylon. A good dry cleaning system will get rid of any unwanted stains fast and easy.
  • The combination of colors is very realistic and the costume even has an embroidered bee attached to one of the petals.
  • The package also includes a leaf-like collar and non-skid booties.
  • The variations of sizes (from 6 months to 2T) and color combinations (green, pink, yellow) transform this costume into the perfect choice for every baby.

Advantages of the InCharacter Infant Flower Costume

  • Quality fabric. The resistant material is very important for a baby’s costume. Kids are at the age of exploration, so it is important to be equipped properly. With this costume, you will not have to fear of tears, thinning or other things that might make your baby feel uncomfortable.
  • Encourages creativity. A flower costume can definitely be adapted to lots of scenarios. If you have other kids, you can dress them as butterflies or sprinklers and get yourself a miniature garden. Or if a kindergarten celebration is announced, you can talk to other parents and create a small group of flowers that can sing and recite poems.
  • Decent pricing. Taking into account the advantages offered, the price is very convenient. And, due to the flexibility in sizes, you can keep it for another kid and get your money’s worth after a short period of time.
  • Beautiful design. The color combination is simply to die for and any baby would look incredibly sweet in this costume.

Disadvantages of the InCharacter Baby Blossom Costume

One inconvenient related to this product is the soft head. For babies this is a good thing because it protects their head, but, in some cases, it might be difficult to keep it on. A good solution for this issue would be to attach a safety pin between the head and the rest of the body. This way you can be sure it will not fall off constantly.

Customers’ Reviews

The majority of the buyers were very satisfied with the quality of the material and the vivid color. The attention to details and realistic design were also highly praised, making it everyone’s favorite costume. Read more reviews here.


Offer your baby unforgettable memories with the most adorable look. The InCharacter Infant Flower Costume is a bundle of fun and excitement, so buy it right now!

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