InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume – Is it Worth Buying ?

It is known that kids do not fear dragons, they even like them a lot, so dressing your baby in a InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume is a great idea. Your baby will identify him/herself with a little dragon and will endear these fantastic creatures.

It is a good thing to help your babies become familiar with dragons, because, later on, when they grow up, you will be able to tell them countless stories about dark ages and dragons, and they will know that dragons are not necessarily evil creatures – sometimes they help the positive characters.

Features of the InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume

  • 100% made of polyester, which makes the suit extremely durable and easy to keep clean.
  • Machine wash is recommended when it gets dirty – maintenance is a piece of cake.
  • The suit has a back zipper, which makes it easy to put on and practically impossible for the babies to take it off by themselves.
  • Being provided with snap leg closures, the costume allows you to change the diaper easily, in case of necessity.
  • The slip-on booties are provided with some skid resistant bottoms, which make slipping practically impossible when your baby is playing or running.
  • character hood with Velcro/snap closure is the element that makes this suit expressive.

Strong Points of the InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume

  • Comfort – the costume is very welcoming for kids, as it is extremely soft and does not prevent them from making the moves they like. At the same time, it keeps your baby’s body warm, and, therefore, it is strongly recommended for the outdoors, at night or when it gets colder.
  • Security – the whole costume, and especially the stuffed character hood, prevents your baby from being hurt if/when he/she accidentally falls. As a matter of fact, the non-slip booties are designed to reduce the risk of slipping, because babies do not know too much about slippery surfaces.
  • Cute design – by taking an infant dragon as source of inspiration, the creators of the InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume have made a great choice, because baby dragons are cute creatures and children like them.
  • Easy maintenance – the suit only needs cold machine wash, gentle cycle, and cool ironing if necessary.

Eventual Drawbacks

The costume is so nice that your little one would want to sleep in it. Although the garment keeps your baby warm, the costume is not meant to serve as sleeping clothing, because it is made of polyester and has many accessories that could prevent your baby from sleeping quietly.

Summary of Reviews

The costume is cute and very well made, from comfortable, durable material. The customers appreciate its outstanding quality and its many enchanting details, as well as the snap legs which make changing the diaper easy. Because the suit is cozy and warm, those who have purchased it recommend it for the occasions when you are outdoors with your child and the weather gets cold. Read more reviews here.


Thanks to its cute design, the InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume is your best choice when you want to dress your babies in something more special, adorable.

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