InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot – An Attractive Suit for Your Baby

The InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot are great for babies, because they are colorful, made of resistant material, and easy to keep clean. They represent the perfect clothing for playing.

Features of the Product

  • 100% Polyester – the material is resistant and can be maintained easily by washing it in the machine.
  • The size is 11” high and 1.5” wide.
  • The suit is lined zippered and has leg snaps to allow easier changing of the diaper.
  • hood with beak makes your baby look like an owl.
  • The costume has slip-on booties provided with skid resistant bottoms, which protect your baby from slipping accidentally.
  • The product is made in China.

Things That May Please

  • Comfort – these InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot are cut to provide extreme comfort to your baby and make him/her feel at ease while playing.
  • Cute design – the costume represents an owl and was made to look like this bird as much as possible. The result is exceptional, and the hood with beak is very expressive. The richness of colors is meant to please both the baby and those who are watching him/her.
  • Easy to change the diaper – this lined zippered costume has leg snaps that make changing the dirty diaper very convenient. This contributes to maintaining your baby in perfect cleanness and health.
  • Increased security – the producer has provided the slip-on booties of the suit with skid resistant bottoms that help your baby to avoid slipping while playing. Thanks to these bottoms, you can relax and stop worrying about what would happen if your baby slipped and fell.

Things That Might Annoy

Some customers say that the last row of ruffles has a different color than what can be seen in pictures of the InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot. It seems that this color would be light blue instead of white, but it could also be a matter of how the colors are rendered on your computer’s monitor. The difference between very light blue and white may not be distinguished on older monitors. On the other hand, the bag the costume comes in says that some colors might be slightly different.

Reviews and Opinions

People who have bought several costumes for their children appreciate that the little owl is one of the prettiest. They say that the InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot are made perfectly and are adorable. Many parents like, not only the cut of the suit, but also the combination of colors, that makes this garment a perfect choice for any child. They appreciate the accurate size and claim that the owl costume is worth every penny.

Other customers insist on the enhanced security that the suit provides, as well as the convenient way the diapers can be changed, offering perfect hygiene to the baby. Read more reviews here.


The InCharacter Costumes What A Hoot is undoubtedly what you need to purchase if you want to see your baby wearing a cute and practical costume in the hours when he/she is playing.

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