InCharacter Lil’ Penguin Infant/Toddler Costume

A InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Penguin Costume is the perfect choice for your kid’s first parties. This cute suit will give him/her the pleasure of being one of the dearest little animals seen on TV. If you have two or more kids, just imagine a party with little penguins teeming here and there.

The costume is delightful and very realistic. Moreover, it is made to avoid slipping, because kids are exposed to falling when they are playing.

Features of InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Penguin Costume

  • Made of polyester 100% – gives resistance to the suit, which is important because the little ones do not care about staining their outfits.
  • Slip-on booties for indoor use, prevent the kid from slipping and are essential for their security.
  • Lined zippered jumpsuit – provided with snap leg closures that allow easy diaper changes – makes it easier to keep your kid clean.
  • Character hood, provided with a snap or Velcro closure, makes your baby feel like a true little penguin.

Main Strong Points of the InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Penguin Suit

  • Enhanced security – the skid resistant bottoms ensure increased adherence to the floor and prevent your kid from falling and getting hurt. This is extremely important if we consider the big amount of energy that kids possess at this stage of their lives, and the fact that they ignore the dangers associated with running and bouncing.
  • Realistic look – the suit is very well designed and comfortable at the same time, evoking the image of a little new born penguin, thanks especially to the very cute hood.
  • Improved hygiene thanks to the snap leg closures which let the parents to change the diapers easier and the child to continue to play.
  • Easy maintenance – the suit can be easily washed in the machine. Thanks to the very resistant material, the colors of the suit do not fade in time and the garment seems as good as new.

Possible Weak Points

There are only few complaints mentioning that, when washing the InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Penguinsuit, the bow would get frayed. They say that this happened even if they used the gentle washing cycle. However, the majority of the customers did not report such incidents, which may lead to the conclusion that those who complained where using older washing machines, of a lower performance level.


The customers who have bought such suits say that they were very content to see their babies dressed in them. The costumes not only look well, but they are also made of polyester which is a sturdy material and, therefore, resist better when kids are playing. The little ones also like the look and feel of these suits, so they accept them gladly. Read more reviews here.


If you are looking for a costume for your son or daughter’s first Halloween or birthday party, consider buying a InCharacter Unisex-baby Newborn Penguin garment, which will make your kid look cute in the photos that you take to show him/her many years after.

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