Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks Review

The Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks are a specially designed piece of footwear for athletes which separate out your toes as you train. If you train regularly, they are a great way to keep your feet comfortable and healthy as you exercise.

The socks are constructed from a blend of soft, moisture-wicking CoolMax fabric, durable Lycra and nylon. This creates a breathable, lightweight, low friction, moisture free sock which promotes natural movement throughout your entire foot. It also encourages healthy circulation and prevents skin-on-skin contact between your toes which reduces your chances of getting blisters. The Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks come in a choice of four colors; black, grey, pink and white.

Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks

Product Features:

  • Anatomical Interface System (AIS) which separates your toes and promotes healthy digital alignment.
  • Anti-friction fibers which prevent blisters and chafing.
  • Controls moisture levels in the foot.
  • Improves balance.
  • Improves grip.
  • Improves stability.
  • Machine washable.
  • Optimal fabric blend of 70% CoolMax, 25% nylon and 5% Lycra.

Good Points:

1) Unique Design:- One of the main reasons for buying the Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks is the unique design. While there are a large range of toe shoes on the market, there are actually very few toe socks. Having your socks separate your toes out in this way allows you to enjoy all the benefits that toe shoes provide, even when you are not out running.

2) Toe Shoe Compatible:- Another key benefit of the Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks is that they are compatible with toe shoes. If you have a pair of toe shoes that have started to chafe or don’t feel quite right on your feet, simply slip these socks on, pop your toe shoes on over the top and they’ll suddenly start to feel a whole lot more comfortable.

3) Blemish Free Feet:- If you run regularly, particularly for long distances, then you’ll know all about the effect it can have on your feet. The moisture and chafing can lead to blisters, bruising and dry skin, particularly around your toes. The Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks tackle this problem in three ways. First, the fabrics that are used to create the sock absorb lots of moisture as you run. Secondly these same fabrics reduce the amount of friction that the sock creates. Finally, the design of the sock separates out your toes and ensures that they can’t rub together. Collectively, this makes a massive difference and means that you’ll have very few or no blisters on your feet when wearing these Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks, even after the longest, most intense runs.

Bad Points:

1) Take Longer To Put On Than Regular Socks:- If you’ve always used regular socks, then putting on the Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks does take a bit of getting used to. Instead of just slipping the sock on over your foot, you have to also ensure that each toe has gone into the right hole. This doesn’t take a huge amount of time but it does slow you down slightly, especially during the first few uses.


If you are a fan of barefoot running or regular running, the Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks are one of the best pieces of clothing you can buy. Putting these socks on makes your feet much more comfortable and more importantly protects them from the blemishes associated with regular running. Adjusting to the five toed design when you are used to regular socks does take some time but the benefits are well worth it. If you are serious about your running and the health of your feet, you’ll definitely want to pick up a pair of Injinji Performance Micro Toesocks.

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