InStep Journey Double Bike Trailer Review

If you want to take the kids out for a ride and get some exercise at the same time then why not take them along in the InStep Journey Double Bike Trailer. This bike trailer can carry two kids up to a maximum weight of 100 pounds and has a number of additional features that make it a worthwhile investment.

InStep Journey Double Bike Trailer

Features of the InStep Journey Double Bike Trailer

  • Large 16-inch pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride – with molded rims
  • Frame folds down for easy carrying or storage.
  • Quick release wheels
  • Attaches to most bikes with a versatile coupler
  • Canopy includes both a bug screen and a weather shield

The Journey bike trailer weighs just 25 ½ pounds and is easy to set up. Within minutes you’ll be riding around with your kids in the back having a wonderful time. The wheels lock on and release quickly so the trailer can fold flat. This means it’s not too bulky to take with you when you travel or store it in some out of the way place when not in use. The 16-inch tires are a standard size for this kind of bike trailer. The InStep Journey has molded rims that are designed to provide good performance and a smooth ride.

Pros & Cons of the InStep Journey

The Journey features a solid frame and appears quite stable even when going around corners. It has a large capacity and can seat two children up to a maximum of 50 pounds each. Because of the large weight limit you can also use this trailer for carrying your groceries or other luggage. The InStep Journey is cheaper than many other higher-end brands.

One concern some parents have is that the seat does not have a solid flat bottom. There are straps which bind the bottom of the seat to the frame but some kids tend to fall in between them. When using the Journey trailer just be aware not to ride over larger rocks or obstacles that may scrape the bottom of the seat.

What are Current Users of the InStep Journey Saying?

Most customers are happy with their purchase and think it is a wonderful trailer for taking the kids out on a bike ride.

  • “This thing folds down for storage in less than a minute and assembles just as fast. It has a 100 lbs weight limit which is twice the limit of some cargo bike trailers which means I can use this for carrying kids, groceries backpacks, luggage, or anything I can fit into it.”
  • “Purchased the double trailer for myself and 2 year old grand daughter. Simply wonderful! Easy set up, easy to maintain, can’t even tell its attached to my beach cruiser… My favorite purchase from Amazon!!”
  • “Good quality – easy to set up and install – and works great! We love it and so does our daughter!!!”

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Taking your kids out for a Sunday ride doesn’t have to be a hassle. Setting up the InStep Journey is simple to do and you should be ready to go within a few minutes. Most kids will find going for a ride in the bike trailer a fun and enjoyable experience. Best price for the InStep Journey is currently on Amazon.

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