InStep Police Pedal Car

The InStep Police Pedal Car is the new way of having fun, long awaited for by children and by the parents who would pay anything to make them smile. This car makes everything really easy and works great both on the indoors and outdoors runways. It is sturdy, attractive and with a sleek design that poses for retro influences and yet boosts the market with its metallic accessories.

InStep Police Pedal Car

Main Features of the InStep Police Pedal Car

  • Construction made of solid steel;
  • Chrome wheels and hub caps;
  • Rubber tires;
  • High level of stylish details;
  • Adaptable pedal drive;
  • Lead-free paint;
  • Fully functioning steering wheel;
  • Capacity: 70 pounds.

Main Benefits of the InStep Police Pedal Car

  • The solid steel frame and the all-metal construction make this car a choice bound to inspire durability and long term use.
  • The wheels and hub caps made of chrome create better mobility;
  • The rubber tires ensure a safer transportation;
  • Different and common at the same time, this car brings back the nostalgic look of the old times and the strength that police cars emanate;
  • The pedal drive is for every child to fit perfectly and work out, making your part a lot easier;
  • The paint on the car is lead-free, making it, not only stylish, but also health hazards free;
  • The steering wheel is fully functional and easy to control, for a real driving experience;
  • The capacity of 70 pounds is enough to hold in any child

Main Drawbacks of the InStep Police Pedal Car

This car is perfect to be used in the park or on a smooth plain terrain, but not in inclined plans or at a high walking speed

Customer Reviews/Feedback

The customers who acquired this product are very pleased with the assembly instructions provided in the package, describing every step and move to be followed. According to their story, the assembly is more difficult than it may seem at first sight, but it gives the parents the possibility to join in and renew the bonds with their children.

Some customers encountered issues with the smell of the tires, but mentioned that this helped them confirm its authenticity. Most of the clients are thrilled with the fact that this car is self pedaling as it provides the little ones with a great workout and exercise. Also, all the customers are content and stated that the car is durable and sturdy, in the right size to be used through the inside of the home, and to fit any child. Read more reviews here.


All in all, the InStep Police Pedal Car is a great gift for children that dream to grow up and become policemen, bound to create a state of awe among the other children on the Halloween night, and to turn yours into the neighborhood’s attraction, not to mention the car’s functionality when it comes to physical and outdoor activities, so severe all this now.

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