InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer Review

The InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is a top quality trailer that allows you to take your kids along for enjoyable bicycle rides. It features large pneumatic tires with molded rims and extra seat padding to keep your children comfortable even over bumpy terrain. The Sierra is a versatile and durable bike trailer that can easily convert into a stroller. When you go out for family adventures there’s no need to worry about where to put the kids as they will love riding in style in the Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer.

InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer

Features of the InStep Double Bicycle Trailer:

  • Comes with quick release wheels
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 16-inch pneumatic rear tires
  • 12-inch front tire
  • Includes a stroller kit with handle bar
  • Parking brake for stroller mode
  • Folds quickly and easily for storage
  • Seat padding and high quality harness

The InStep Sierra is only slightly dearer than the cheapest models but is well worth the small additional investment as it comes with extra padding, a high quality harness to keep your kids safe and a seat that is supported on the bottom. It includes a rubberized stroller handle – Yes, the trailer can quickly convert to a stroller so there’s no need to take both with you. It also comes with a bright safety flag.

Pros & Cons of the InStep Sierra:

The extra safety and comfort features are really a big plus. For the sake of a few extra dollars you can get a more comfortable seat and one that is better supported on the bottom.  The trailer is easy to put together and quickly converts to a stroller. If you have a single child they can sit in the middle and use the 5-point harness. The included bright green flag is a great safety feature.

As with any bike dust and debris can kick up at the back. With the weather protector up some of this dust will find its way into the bike trailer. If you’re traveling on dusty or sandy trails its best to take it slower or use the weather protector in order to prevent your child from being covered in dirt by the end of the ride. The same could be said for any bike trailer but it’s something to be aware of.

What Do Customers Say About The InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer:

  • “Buy the Sierra. The seat is padded and supported on the bottom, the straps have padded sections and the buckles are easy to use.”
  • “I can not say enough what a super deal this trailer is!!! I am SO glad I purchased it!!!!”
  • “I think it is a really great product! My little girl loves it. She is 18 months, and will ask me to “go Bike”. It is easy to tow, light, comfy and roomy for her. It is also easy to push as a stroller. I timed myself setting it up from the folded position. it took only a minute and a half to get it ready to go.”

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Most customers are impressed with both the quality and the price of the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer. Assemblage is simple; it has many additional features that other brands don’t have and even converts to a stroller. It has a solid sitting surface and storage area behind the seats. For a double bicycle trailer so that your kids can relax and enjoy the view on long rides grab the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer.

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