Jedi Dressing Gowns – Star Wars Bath Robes

Star War fans can now add another item to their collection of clothing items: Jedi Dressing Gowns – Star Wars Bath Robes. With this robe inspired by the characteristic gown worn by the Jedis, they can have a long, warm and protective gown – just the way Jedis like it.

Jedi Dressing Gowns – Star Wars Bath Robes

Main Features

These amber colored Jedi robes not only add a fun and playful element to cozy winter evenings and sleepy mornings, but they also feature the highest quality material. The gown is made of soft, pampering fabric with excellent absorbing properties, drying the skin gently and efficiently after a shower or a bath, without being too heavy.

It comes in one size – measuring 47 inches in length from the shoulder to the bottom, the robe is long enough to suit most adults, unless they are really-really tall Jedis.

Main Advantages

Let’s see what makes these Jedi robes so popular:

  • The gown is made of cotton velour with a soft, velvety texture for a voluptuous feeling.
  • The front of the gown is embroidered with a Jedi logo.
  • The gown is a perfect replica of the original Jedi gown: the large hood comes down to the nose, the sleeves are wide, just like the real Jedi gowns, and it is fitted with a sash belt as well, for an even more Jedi-like appearance.
  • The gown also has huge pockets – big enough to hide things like remote controls or chocolate bars to provide enough calories for Jedi mind tricks.


There is one aspect on the negative side that we think should be mentioned: the sleeves are large, and they indeed resemble the original costume perfectly, but they can make eating a bit difficult.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers are people who received this gown as a gift. An excellent present for Father’s Day or Christmas, the gown is largely appreciated both for the comfort it offers and for the design that has immense potential for games, from mind tricks to light saber duels. One reviewer mentions that the robe can make a great costume for a Halloween party as well – an excellent idea; it is surely an opportunity to make a really dramatic entry. Read more reviews here.

Bottom Line

If your son, boyfriend, husband, father or son is a Star Wars enthusiast, you can be sure this robe will make the perfect present for him, whatever his age is. May the force be with all who wear it!

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