Kazam Balance Bike

Parents have an important job of teaching their children how to ride a bike. The act of riding a bike not only gives a lot of confidence to our kids but it also helps in their overall development. They learn how to be self dependent and how not to fear the road. Above all, they learn how gain control of their bodies and balance themselves while trying to ride the bike. Achieving balance is the first step in learning how to ride a bike. If you want your kids to learn how to ride a bike confidently, you should purchase the Kazam Balance Bike for them. The best part about this particular bike is that your kids will love it given the fact that it is available in a wide range of colors like green, blue, orange, pink and red. Thus, you will not have to worry about options, when you will have to buy the right balance bike for your child.

Kazam Balance Bike

The bike is light weight and is ideal for those kids who are yet to learn how to ride a bike as it will teach them how to balance. Before they start riding a pedaled bike, they will be able to learn how to gain control and balance of the bike, by riding this particular balance bike. It is very comfortable and safe as well for the child as it comes with adjustable chrome handle bars, raised seat (molded) and padded grips which are soft.


  • It comes with adjustable chrome handle bars, raised seat (molded) and padded grips which are soft.
  • It has a Quick-release system for seat adjustment
  • The tires are tires and also include steel spokes
  • Also includes a metal headset (friction free) with bearings
  • Patented design for footrest


  • Weight – 11.2 pounds
  • Frame – Metal
  • Tire – Rubber, 12 inches
  • Wheel Type – Air
  • Weight Capacity – 75 pounds


Very Stylish – the bike is very stylish and is ideal for the young children as they will like it bright design and look. Besides, the bike is available in 5 different colors because of which the kids will get a lot of options to choose from. They will love riding this balance bike.

Very safe – the bike includes adjustable chrome handle bars, raised seat (molded) and padded grips which are soft making it very safe and comfortable for the kids. The air inflated tires ensure that the kids do not fall of too easily while they learn how to balance.

What users love about the Kazam Balance Bike?

The people who have bought the Kazam Balance Bike for their kids have given it very positive reviews. They have loved the fact that the bike is very lightweight and comes with many features which not only make it safe but very comfortable for the child as well. They have also liked the fact that it is durable.

The kids have liked the way the bike looks and have also found it a fun and exciting ride. Overall the bike has been able to impress those who have bought it and also those who have enjoyed riding it. This bike is ideal for the beginners. Read more reviews here.

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