KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White

KidKraft has been a trusted toy maker sine years and the reason behind their trustworthiness is their sturdy and well-built toys that add tremendously to the overall experience of playing for a child. The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White is just another example of that. This particular toy will be a joy to have especially if your child shows interest in cooking and likes to play house. The parts of this toy are so well detailed that they leave you surprised. The kids feel no less than grown-ups when they play in this beautiful kitchen of theirs and cook up their imaginary feasts.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White

The fact that the cabinets and other parts are so well made definitely adds to the experience; you can even hear the sound of the doors clicking! The accessories like a refrigerator and the microwave definitely add to the overall fun quotient of the toy and also teach the child a thing or two about the kitchen. You can even show them how to clean it as the components can be removed to be cleaned.


  • Amazing detailing
  • Doors can be opened and closed
  • There is a cordless phone
  • Oven knobs can click and even turn
  • The sink can be removed for an easy cleaning


  • Dimensions: 33×11.7×35.7 inches
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Model number: 53208
  • Not for children under 3 years of age


Not just for one: This amazing creation by KidsKraft is not meant for just one child to play. They can have a play date and can make their own dishes in this one kitchen itself. So now your child does not have to wait for another friend to have a similar toy or wait for one to complete their part and then begin…they can all do it at the same time and have fun together. Even the parents can be a part of this amazing new world the child creates.

Good for the imagination: Every child has an active imagination and this toy definitely helps them exercise it. The different aspects of the kitchen and the closeness to reality will make your child want to spin up stories of what they made in their kitchen each day and how they did it. They could be making a dish for themselves or an entire family, they could be inventing their own new recipes, they could be creation anything they want in their kitchen.

Why users love KidKraft Vintage Kitchen – White?

People love this amazing new toy by KidsKraft because even if it is made for children, it has the sophistication of a kitchen made for adults. The precision, the detailing, and the beautiful colors truly add to the experience that a child has while playing with this toy.  It is easy to explain how a kitchen functions and add to the knowledge of a child through this toy without making it boring. Children like to see what their toys do and that is where it becomes easy for the parents to educate them and ensure their kitchen safety. Read more reviews here.

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