Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Review

With so many people looking for holistic, natural health alternatives, it only makes sense that birth control and family planning issues would come to light. Many women (and their spouses/partners) have been turning to more natural methods for pregnancy planning. The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor has become one of the most sought after fertility monitors for folks who are looking for a truly natural, yet dependable way to plan pregnancies or to avoid getting pregnant.

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

More Than a Thermometer

The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor helps to use a time-tested method for charting ovulation cycles, but it does so with more accuracy than manually taking your temperature and charting your prime ovulation times. In fact, the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor is no mere thermometer at all. It does measure your basal body temperature, but it also calculates the input so that you can achieve a 99.3 accuracy rate of knowing whether or not you are in a fertile cycle. Being as other birth control methods aren’t nearly as efficient, it’s easy to see why so many women are making the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor their birth control/family planning device of choice.

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Features & Details

  • Easy to Use, 30/Seconds Per Day for Natural Family Planning
  • Has been proven to be 99.3% accurate
  • Let’s you avoid drugs, side effects from birth control pills and putting foreign substances into your blood stream
  • Intelligent fertility monitor uses precision calculations to let you know exactly when you are – and are not – fertile
  • You can even attach to a computer and print out your charts for at-a-glance monitoring and planning

Being as there’s a lot riding on the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor for your family planning efforts, it is recommended that you do a bit of research and possibly read some books on how to naturally calculate your ovulation cycles. There are some variables, like consuming alcohol, which can alter your body temperature, so you need to know how to include certain activities in your life, while still using the scientific rhythm method for family planning. But being as the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor does replace other costly, ongoing forms of birth control, it really does pay for itself within a year.

Customer Reviews

We were amazed to find nearly 30 customer reviews for the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor – resulting in an amazingly high customer satisfaction score of 4.7 stars. Nearly all the customer reviewers mentioned how much they enjoy using the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor as a more natural means of doing their family planning. A few people mentioned – as we did earlier – that you will still need to be aware of variables and the basics of the rhythm method to get the best results from this fertility monitor. Read more reviews here.

If you’ve been looking for a viable, natural alternative to other family planning and birth control products, you can’t go wrong with the reliable, accurate and easy to use Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor.

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