Leatherman 830684 Charge TTi Multi-Tool with Leather/Nylon Combination Sheath and Gift Tin

Leatherman tools surpass even the highest expectations, and the Leatherman 830684 Charge TTi multi-tool is one of company’s high-end products. The titanium handles and the stainless steel clip-point blade are anti-corrosive and they confer resistance, durability and reliability to the product, making sure you have a powerful ally if you have to solve an emergency situation.

Leatherman 830684 Charge TTi Multi-Tool with Leather/Nylon Combination Sheath and Gift Tin

Main Features of the Tool

The Charge TTi  weighs 8.2 oz and measures 4 inches in a closed position, the length of the blade being 2.9 inches. This full-size knife is extremely complex, allowing for a large variety of uses, from cutting hard wires to filing sheet metal and wood, from driving screws to opening cans and bottles.

Main Advantages

  • Easy to wear – the TTi is equipped with a lanyard ring that makes it possible to attach the knife directly to your belt;
  • Safe – all tools and blades lock into place safely, and the nylon or leather sheath offers even more protection both for the knife and for the user;
  • Versatile – the bit driver works with a large number of different bits, including regular, torx and hexagonal bits as well; whatever material you need to work with, you will have a tool on your Leatherman to match it – wood, metal, wire, plastic, tin – all can be handled efficiently with the right cutter, knife or crimper.
  • The manufacturer offers 25-year warranty on the product.


The only negative thing about this sophisticated, state-of-the-art knife is that it is a bit too heavy, but a knife that features so many different tools cannot be really lightweight.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers are really happy with this knife, highlighting the excellent craftsmanship and the superior quality of the materials used to make this multi-tool. They appreciate the safe, smoothly opening tools, the comfortable grip and the extra bits that come with this knife, saying that it is by far the most functional and the best multi-tool they have ever had. Many reviews of this outstanding, complex tool tell stories about how useful the multi-tool was for fixing doors, windows, even cars, or how it is able to replace a whole tool bag. Read more reviews here.


This reliable multi-tool offers everything you might expect from a high-end knife, making it popular among professional and amateur users alike. Take it with you on a trip to the mountains or keep it in your car for emergency repairs – you can rely on your Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool, whatever the circumstances.

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