LEGO City Fire Station

With the release of LEGO City Fire Station (7208), LEGO pleased both children and parents. Winner of three important awards (2010 Parents’ Choice Recommended, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s Gold Seal and National Parenting Seal of Approval), this game set promises to offer many hours of entertainment in the company of the courageous fire brigade of the City. It is recommended for children from 5 to 12 and not only.

LEGO City Fire Station

Main Characteristics of LEGO City Fire Station (7208)

  • This LEGO set comprises 662 plastic pieces with great operability and a nice design;
  • Players have at their disposal 5 mini figurines, brave firefighters, and a command center completely equipped: 1 sliding pole, 1 jump sheet, 1 ladder and also equipment for the firefighters, including a two fire trucks and a hose;
  • The extras of the game set include a flower, a tree, a recycle bin, a cat, an antenna and a rescue truck in order to perfectly reproduce a dynamic urban setting, not to mention that the firefighter’s command center and the police combo have been reproduced paying great attention to every detail;
  • Players can draw their own storyline by changing the route of the 5 fire fighters and creating new situations;
  • Made of quality materials, the LEGO City Fire Station has an affordable price: only $70.99 shipping fees included. Amazon provides a quick and safe delivery without charging an extra dollar.

LEGO City Fire Station (7208) – Good Points

  • By designing this City Fire Station, LEGO tried to please children, parents and grandparents, all at once, and to offer them the chance of an exciting playtime.
  • The set is easy to assemble and to understand. It comes with an illustrated guide and with step by step instructions on how to put the pieces together.
  • The accessories give a realistic touch to the setting. Every piece works very well and it can be used on any type of surface.

LEGO City Fire Station (7208) – Bad Points

With a very complex game, sometimes not everything goes very smooth. In the case of the City Fire Station, the only little flaws to mention relate to the fact that the entire set is built of three plates instead of one. Due to this detail, the constructions are slightly fragile.

It is recommended that the set be assembled on a fixed surface that can be easily moved. This way all construction accidents can be easily avoided.

Clients’ Reviews

Browsing reviews and testimonials, one conclusion is obvious: the City Fire Station has many fans among children and adults as well. Everybody seems to agree that the set is fun, interesting and entertaining.

Despite the size of the set and the fragility of some elaborated constructions, most customers put an emphasis on the following aspects:

  • The long list of accessories and extras;
  • The complexity of the set;
  • The possibility to create a new story at every play session.

Safe and secure, with an outstanding design and a great number of extras, the LEGO City Fire Station (7208) promises to be a fabulous adventure in the company of the 5 courageous fire fighters…so, there is nothing left to add, except: let the adventure begin! Read more reviews here.

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