LEGO City Police Forest Station

The Danish company, LEGO, wants to give every child the chance to find out how a police station works, so it came up with the set City Police Forest Station . It has been released in 2011 and the company has done everything possible to keep up with the expectations of the customers.The set wants to widen the imagination of the children so the company offered more toys for the them  to play than pieces to put together.

LEGO City Police Forest Station

Main Features

It consists of a lot of additional parts:  5 mini figures (2 robbers , 2 forest policemen,  one pilot and one bear),a forest police station(that has its own satellite dish, a watchtower,  a cell with 3 beds, ,a mailbox and also a safe),a car(4×4), a robber ATV and a helicopter.

Main Advantages

It comes also with a lot of landscape parts, such as movable rocks, 2 gold bars, trees, 2 money bills, beehive, a suitcase, a pair of handcuffs, a crowbar, a flashlight, binoculars, 2 walkie-talkies and a pick axe.The police station measures  12” in length, it is 5” wide, and its height is of 9”. All these parts are more than enough to provide the child with the real experience of policemen.The City Police Forest Station  set is designed to offer children the possibility to make their own scenarios and come up with solutions to catch the bad guys.This set might awaken the adventurous side of the child and he or she might want to develop a future career in this field.

Main Drawbacks

In fact, the City Police Forest Station does not present any drawback. However it can only be used by children over 6 years but also by adults that want to keep their  inner child alive.

Customers Reviews

In the reviews posted by the buyers to the City Police Forest Station  there were no main drawbacks of the product, everybody being very thrilled about their order.Those clients who have experienced a broken piece during shipping had the problem taken care of, the piece being substituted  after ordering a free replacement of the LEGO website.The product has received 5 stars in its reviews ,this being an evidence of the company’s  motto that „ only the best is the best”. Parents worldwide want to offer what is best to their children and the LEGO company has 70 years of tradition and managing of being the best and worldwide known toy company.  Read more reviews here.


So if you want to give your child, nephew or little brother the sensation of being a part of a forest police station,then LEGO’s City Police Forest Station  is the best gift you can give them and it will last a lifetime! So, it’s worth the investment! And you can also be a part of the children’s experience by playing with them and explaining the fight between good and evil that has been going for centuries.

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