LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

The LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216 is, without any doubt whatsoever, one of the most charming LEGO sets ever created. Designed for children between 12 and 14 years old, this game recreates a wonderful winter scene, very populated and rich in details and accessories. The Holiday Bakery proposes a dynamic storyline and a long list of available activities, in a fabulous wintery background.

LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

Characteristics of LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216

  • The game set comes with 687 pieces, ready to shape the bakery, the tree seller’s stand, the frozen pond, the horse-drawn carriage and the rest of the characters;
  • Creator Holiday Bakery includes 7 mini figures: cheerful ice skaters, a busy Christmas tree seller and a friendly baker. Each segment of the play set is rich in details. The bakery has an oven, cookies and a cash register. The stand of the Christmas tree seller is well-designed, including a shovel and a broom. On the background, there is also a carriage delivering trees and an owl supervising the ice skaters.
  • The game set features the LEGO Power Functions technology for creating a warm atmosphere, not only for the frozen pond, but for the entire set. Other interesting extras are the snow piles, adding a plus of dynamism to the scenery.
  • Many pieces are interchangeable. For example, the characters can have different clothes or hair from one playtime to the next one.
  • The manual of instructions includes a numbered list of the pieces and illustrations for every step of the assembly.

Strong Points of LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216

  • The play set is very complex, and all the areas are well delimited, their construction going smooth;
  • This LEGO game stimulates children’s imagination by allowing different combinations and offering a wide variety of accessories for changing stories;
  • The Creator Holiday Bakery has a very good price. It can be bought for the amazing price of $54.99. The good news doesn’t stop here: for purchasing products with a value higher than $75, Amazon offers you free shipping and gift wrap.
  • Despite the complexity of the set and the numerous accessories, the construction is not time consuming, but it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Weak Points of LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216

After a careful evaluation of the game set it is possible to say, without any doubt, that the game doesn’t have any major drawbacks. Some clients complain about the fact that it takes a lot of time to assemble the scenes, but it is only normal, considering the complexity of the play set.

Costumers’ Feedback

Creator Holiday Baker is one of the most loved LEGO games ever designed. It is not one, not two but several reviews that sustain the same. Its diversity allows players to combine stories and to design different activities. Children and adults alike appreciate the interchangeability of the pieces and the fascinating wintery accessories. Read more reviews here.

Affordable, exciting, well-designed, safe and fun to play, LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216 has everything it takes to win the hearts of children and adults…why not not allow your family to enjoy the warm wintery atmosphere too?

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