LEGO Shuttle Expedition

LEGO, the famous brand which has marked every childhood since it was first produced in 1949, wants to give every child the chance to find out more about what it’s like to travel in space so they created Shuttle Expedition(10231). This set  wants to give a boost to children’s imagination and help them recreate the scene of a rocket’s launch.It might go in the hands of future astronauts or future NASA workers who would want to make their childhood dreams come true.

LEGO Shuttle Expedition

Main Advantages of the Product

The “Shuttle Expedition(10231)” set  consists of 1,230 pieces which include also 3 mini figures ( one of a male astronaut,one of a female astronaut and one service crew member). The Shuttle is 17.5” long,  and it measures 10”(25.5cm). The version of this setwas released in 2011 and it has a range of characteristics which makes it a bit different from the version released in 2010. The one launched in 2011 is much more durable and the changes brought to the fuel tank make the vehicle stronger  so children can play with it for a longer period of time. The parents can also help their children build the shuttle because it can be difficult for a child to do it on his own.This model has realistic engines,an cockpit with seats for 2 astronauts that can be opened,landing gear that can be retracted and also a cargo compartment for the satellite and the ground maintenance vehicle.

Main Drawbacks of the Product

The manufacturer recommends that the “Shuttle Expedition(10231)” is used by children with ages between 14 and 18 due to the difficulty of assembling the pieces and the small dimension of the pieces which can be harmful for smaller children.

Customers Reviews

Some of the clients find the number of pieces a little high and also they think that the manual which consists of 2 books is a little time consuming and they would have preferred a sketch with the assembling process.

The LEGO company’s motto has always been “only the best is the best” so the reviews of other clients can’t be less than satisfactory,receiving 4 to 5 stars. Some women customers have even claimed that they had bought the product as a gift to their spouses, who still enjoy playing LEGO, even though they are all grown up. Read more reviews here.


After this brief presentation of the “Shuttle Expedition(10231)”, we hope you will consider giving it a try either because you want to revive your inner child or because you want to make it a present for your children so they can also live the LEGO experience!

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