Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent Review

The best way to learn is from experience, especially mistakes. This is the path that a small company like Light speed chose in order to design the perfect outdoor companion for camping enthusiast. Its founders brainstormed and came up with smartly designed tents that are fitted with special features in order to erect it in the shortest time possible.

Years of experience and testing various products came together in this not so famous establishment to form a goal driven group of individuals set to solve all the problems camping has to offer. Growing every day, the Company covers many of the customer needs producing various models for all kinds of activities. The series entitled Ample offers the biggest and most spacious tents they have designed up to now. Maintaining the corporate pattern this tent is fitted with a time saving embedded pole system, different from the out-dated distinct rod tents.

Implementing a new and very fast tent configuration Light speed revolutionized the industry with a system that allows you to set up the tent like a camping expert even if it’s your first time trying. The first word that comes to mind when you say Light Speed is “easy”. Access is effortless because of its large front door. It offers good protection being covered with a conformist over the pole rain fly that can be quickly removed.

Being better suited for a hot summer night the Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent has great big mesh windows on the sides and a big mesh roof that offers great ventilation permanently. If you feel like it you can always remove the rain fly for a great view of that beautiful summer sky.

Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent

Product Features:

  • 6 person capacity
  • 161 inches/ 410 cm in length
  • 83 inches/ 210 cm in width
  • 55 inches/ 140 cm in height
  • 13 pounds/ 6 kg weight
  • 4 poles – drawstring system
  • 1 door
  • 4 windows
  • 190T PU 1500mm – tent material with taped fly seams
  • 190T PU 1500mm – fly material with taped seams
  • 120g PE – floor material
  • Included stakes

Spacious and dry, this tent really performs the way it should. Coping great with hard pouring rain and bad weather, this structure is perfect for a 4 or 5 person family. You will not feel even the slightest sensation of being cramped inside a confined space as you probably felt when using other tents.

Taking down the tent can be another annoying and vacation ruining experience so the people at Light speed took care of this aspect in the same way they did when considering putting the tent together. Packing up is a 4 step job:

  1. pull out the stakes;
  2. remove side poles;
  3. push down support bars marked with yellow sticker;
  4. Roll the tent and insert it in the bag.

Customer Reviews & Scores

This Light speed Ample 6 Tent gets in reach of the maximum score being just 0.1 points short of the absolute best. Reviewers are more than satisfied with this product and find the quick assembly system quite enjoyable. Read more reviews here.

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