McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch 3.5 HP Electric Chain Saw Review

Cutting branches or felling trees is one of the most dangerous and difficult things you can do. Before you start you need to make sure you thoroughly understand how a chain saw works and what the potential dangers are. One of the first things to consider is finding a saw that meets your needs. If you’re out in the woods a gas powered chain saw is necessary but if it is for work around the yard or you are close to a power source an electric chain saw such as the McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch chain saw may be just what you need.

McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch 3.5 HP Electric Chain Saw

Features of the McCulloch MCC3516F Chain Saw:

  • Uses a low kickback chain
  • Bar length of 16 inches
  • 3.5 hp electric motor
  • Comes with hand guard and chain break
  • Tool less chain tension

The McCulloch range of chain saws are produced by the Husqvarna group who are well known for designing quality chain saws.  This 16-inch bar and chain is powered by a 3.5hp motor. It has plenty of power but features a unique low kickback chain to prevent injury.

A kickback has the potential to cause severe injury so making sure you are prepared and know how to use your chain saw is vital. You can lower the risk of experiencing a kickback by not using full throttle when you start a cut, keeping the blades sharp and locking your elbows when you are cutting.

The McCulloch 16-Inch chain saw has a hand guard so you can get good positioning with your cuts. It has an oil level window and the chain can be tensioned without any tools.

Pros and Cons of the McCullock 16-Inch Chain Saw:

If you’ve had problems in the past with gas engines that don’t start when you want them to the McCulloch Chain Saw will put an end to your worries. Because it’s powered by an electric motor it will start at the touch of a button every time. The chain saw is less aggressive than other brands so it cuts a little slower but has less kickback.

Compared to other gas powered chain saws the McCulloch 16-inch chain saw is quite inexpensive. You will need to buy some chain saw bar and chain oil and remember to keep the oil compartment full when using it.

What Customers say about the McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch Chain Saw:

Quoting a customer the first impression of the McCulloch MC3516F chain saw is “WOW!” Let’s have a look at a few more detailed reviews below.

  • “This is the second electric McCulloch 16″ chain saw that I have owned and it is even better and more powerful than the first… This electric is lighter and more powerful than my gas saw and makes short work of even 14″ well-seasoned oak and poppel logs with a minimum of effort. I highly recommend this saw for anyone who has an electric outlet close enough to their cutting station. It is a real pleasure to work with such an excellent piece of equipment”
  • “The McCulloch3516F chainsaw puts an end to my problem of gas engines that don’t start when I really need them to. I have been cutting out maple branches this summer from trees with verticillium wilt – branches up to 8 inches are no problem at all.”
  • “Outstanding for jobs around you house, two thumbs up!”

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Whether you need to do a little bit of pruning or take down an entire tree try the McCulloch MCC3516F 16-Inch Electric Chain Saw.

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