Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart Review

Pretending to shop for food or clothes requires a proper shopping cart. This sturdy and durable metal shopping cart does everything real carts do in the shop, giving the kids a life-like experience whenever they venture on an imaginary shopping spree.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

More Details

Measuring 14 x 15.2 x 17.2 inches and weighing 12 pounds, the resistant metallic cart makes sure your kids will enjoy playing with it for long years to come. Recommended for children aged from 3 to 8, the product is easy to assemble – assembly takes about 10 minutes, and once put together, the cart will entertain your kids for hours. There is only one special warning: as some of the pieces in the construction are sharp, the cart needs to be assembled by an adult.

Main Advantages

The list of features that make this shopping cart so popular is really long, so we’ll mention just a few, the most important ones:

  • The pivoting wheels in the front of the cart make it easy to navigate, even in small and confined places;
  • The doll seat makes it possible for the little ones to take their favorite dolls shopping and to seat the dolls the same way as they are seated when going shopping with their parents;
  • The toy is equipped with a safety feature: it cannot be pushed if there is too much weight in it, so it does not allow for the kids to push each other in it.

Any Drawbacks?

Well, it seems that some parents have complained that the cart is a little too heavy, but reliability, stability and sturdiness cannot come without weight.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers love the realistic shopping experience the cart gives – so much so that some of them even take the cart to the real grocery store, allowing their kids to push it around when you’re shopping. Another frequently mentioned highlight of the product is its durability – some carts were even tested on stairs and survived the fall. Some parents mention the price issue as well: the Melissa & Doug shopping cart is indeed more expensive than others on the market, but the high quality of the materials used and the excellent construction are worth every extra penny, as most reviewers say. Read more reviews here.


High quality materials, great, life-like construction and enhanced safety – this is what the Melissa & Doug shopping cart adds to the excitement of shopping, either around the home or in the real shops.

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