Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent Review

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome tent is a quality tent that you can afford. This tent is able to accommodate up to seven people and six people will experience a lot of comfort in it. It has a length of 18 feet and a width of 10 feet.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent

Its center height is 76 inches and it is therefore possible to stand while in the tent. However, you can only stand when you are in the tent’s center and since tents are mostly useful for sleeping, this is not an issue. The tent comes with a divider curtain, which is able to separate the tent into two rooms.

Set up

The process of setting up the Mountain Trails Grand Pass is of average difficulty. One person can set it within twenty five minutes but the process is much easier when undertaken by two people. The setup process is simplified further by a ring and pin system.

The other appealing feature of this tent is the ease in which it fits into its duffel bag. After rolling up the tent, you just need to wrap the duffel bag around the tent instead of attempting to squeeze the lose tent back into a tight bag.


The rain fly of the Grand Pass does a good job of keeping the tent dry during light rains. The floors of the tent do not seep. Customers who have used the tent state that it is able to withstand 25 mph winds. It has a mesh ceiling and end widows, which offer adequate ventilation to avoid steel air while providing you with good views of what is happening on the outside.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome Tent Features

  • 2 D-shaped doors that makes it easy to get in and out for the tent. Each door has an open door mat, which helps in keeping away dirt and mud.
  • A fiberglass frame, which is shock-corded and that has a ring and pin system for quick setup
  • Large mesh windows and roof vents that offer excellent ventilation
  • A divider curtain that separates the tent into 2 sleeping rooms
  • A patent hooped fly frame that offers rain protection and additional stability


Even though the Grand Pass does not have all the features that come with modern tents, it is a decent tent that you can buy at a great price.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In order to complete this review of the Mountain Trails Grand pass tent, it is essential to let you know what other customers liked about the tent. One appealing feature about this tent is that it keeps away light rain.
It is also well ventilated and airy to keep you breathing comfortably. Customers also praised the tent for being easy to set up since one person can do it. Packing up the tent is also easy because you just need to follow some tabs that will allow you to pack it easily into the provided carry pack.

The tent is spacious and is offered at great value, incredible price and solid construction. The other appealing feature of this tent according to customer reviews is that it has a small storage net, which hooks up to the tent’s top and allows you to store small items. Read more reviews here.

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