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The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw is the best gift you could possibly give yourself and your 3year+ olds! Why you? Well if you’ve ever tried going for a jog with your kid you would know how futile an effort it can become with the constant nudging you need to do to keep them running.

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Besides it’s unfair on the poor souls to try and make them run as fast and as far as you do. With the Outlaw they can join you on your runs at a top speed of up to 5mph and in style. Children love the Outlaw, it looks almost like a real gas powered vehicle and we all know how kids love it when they are perceived as grown ups.


The Outlaw is shipped as a knocked down kit, you get to enjoy the assembly with your kid. Putting it together is something that is very simple and easily done with minimal tools involved. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to assemble it. The bike is powered by a twelve volt re-chargable battery.

The charger is included in the package. The weight advisory is “up to 85lb” which means you could give it to your three year old and they would be using it till they are seven year olds!

There are two gear settings on the Outlaw which can be set by you. The first gear allows a top speed of 2.5mph. This is good for the child to get used to the driving, gain control and become confident with the vehicle.

Once they are comfortable with the lower speed and once you are ready to see them go faster you can switch the Outlaw into second gear. The second gear allows speeds up to 5mph. Beseides it also has a reverse for getting out of those tricky corners they will find themselves in often.

The wheels have chunky treads on them allowing the bike to travel smoothly over all sorts of terrain. The wheel in the back are powered by exclusive motors, this ensures better, surer, smoother ride quality.

The Outlaw has a pedal accelerator with automatic braking. This means that all they have to do to stop the bike is lift their foot off the pedal, how safe and cool is that!

Adorable features

The Outlaw is a fantastic feature packed ATV built for children between three to seven years of age. It is packed with safety features to prevent the ride-about from injuring anyone or the kids riding them.

The automatic braking, all terrain wheels, pedal start and accelerator, two speed gears, reversing gear all add up to a insanely enjoyable and at the same time innately safe ride.


  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 85.0 Lb.
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Dimensions: 27.5 ” H x 26.5 ” W x 43.75 ” L
  • Weight: 48 Lb.
  • Battery: 12V rechargeable (included with charger)

Customer Review and Scores

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw retails at for about $240. It has been rated 4stars or above by an incredible 81% of the buyers.  Read more reviews here.

The investment in this toy would be one of the best you can make for your little one as it gives you peace of mind that they are not going to get hurt while at the same time they’re out enjoying their playtime rather than being cooped up in front of a TV addling their brains. It’s super convenient to assemble and control as well so you can manage what speed the bike goes at depending on who’s riding it.

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