Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

Beginner or not, for those who are looking for a great set of clubs that are affordable, Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Set is one of the best choices. The clubs are fantastic and a lot of those who bought it are saying the same thing – they got the value of their money.

Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set

What Comes in the Box

Purchasing the set would give each buyer one dozen of golf balls, a lightweight carry bag (dual strap), which was designed to have an integrated rain hood and kick stand and a pre mallet putter weighted to make sure that the player would have an improved feel.

Product Features & Technical Details

The clubs are designed according to men’s standard flex and length. The set comes with a dozen of gold balls, stand bag, pre putter, 4-PW irons, 21° 3 hybrid, 10.5° driver, and 15° 3 wood.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

A lot of customers have expressed their happiness about the product. While it’s not like that of which the pros are using, it’s a great collection with a decent quality to help players learn how to play the sport. The clubs according to its customers are great, same goes with the putter. The bag is surprisingly good quality–it’s a stand bag with enough number of packets that can hold important valuables, extra shirts and balls. What’s nice about the stand bag according to a number of reviews is that it’s very easy to carry around as it can be worn like a backpack. The club’s opening is not complicated to figure out. It may be preferable to have 14 slots but at a price as low as this, having 7 openings is already great.

Pros of Product

This is a set of clubs that’s worth the money of beginners. Anyone who is new to the sport would think that it’s the finest there is in the market not knowing that it can be bought at a very affordable price.  Well, taking the price into consideration, it’s very difficult these days to have such a good find at the price below $200.

Cons of Product

There’s not much concern as to to the negative side of this product but just to name a few, some customers are concerned about the sticker on the product which says ‘made in China’ that contradicts the impression that is giving to the customers on the website that it’s from the U.S. Also, the set doesn’t include instructions in it which would have been very helpful since most of its buyers are beginners. The newbies in the sport may be confused as to the uses of the pockets in the bag or how the clubs are supposed to be loaded into the bag. The concerns are not that impacting though as far as the overall impression of customers about the product.

Who Should Buy This Product

People who are looking for great presents for their loved ones can get this product–not only that the price is affordable but the quality is superb that those who’d be using it will have years to enjoy it.  This works perfect for those who are still trying to learn the sport. In fact, a lot of beginners have bought it and were happy about the product’s quality.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Considering everything about the product, Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Set is a fantastic value for the amount that a customer would pay.  Making use of this set that can last for several years is way better compared to renting sets. With this complete set of decent quality, customers won’t get disappointed. Read more reviews here.

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